Monday, February 28, 2005

Missed me?

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Bannag, I hope you're enjoying your trip. I saw the pictures... they looked good. Sorry I haven't been on in a day or two... it's been crazy over here on my end. Mike & Megan, Work, April and her computer game addiction, falling statues, paying bills, etc. So, with nothing more than work on my mind, I'm gonna plan out my day tomorrow. This seems to be the first page I look at in the mornings so it's become kind of handy... it's like a sticky note with all my friends faces on it. (hehehe) I'm also posting this for the benefit of Scythe and Dan, so they can remember what we have planned for the next day or so. Tonight's Work:
  1. Dan: Call Tim with the specs on the Dell Laptop for his customer if possible. That customer is getting a little twitchy about the wait to get the work done.
  2. Dan: Pack up the Toshiba laptop and take it to the shop on your way into meet Pioneer in the morning. Let Scott know that we agreed on applying Arctic Silver to the CPU and testing to see if that reduces the thermal induction issue we're having with the overheating.
Tuesday Morning: Morning Meeting at the condo at 10:30
  1. Dan: Take that Dell PC to Sunset early AM before you meet with me and Tim at 10:30.
  2. Tommy: (DONE) Call Amy McKeown at VC3 about the Pio job; see about scheduling tech time at 11:30 for onsite support for merging the paging system with the new VOIP Cisco phone system.
  3. Scythe: Call Ken Woolard and check-in with him regarding this equipment replacement. If you're not comfortable with it, let me know and I'll call him... just remind me.
  4. Dan/Scythe:
    1. Go to Pio tomorrow at 11:30 and finish job listed above.
    2. Drop Off Toshiba @ Office
    3. Setup Patsy's Office and Point Files
    4. Setup new Dell Desktop for Moses
    5. Configure Server for new client computers.
  5. Tommy:
    1. Get Bank account and routing information for DD for Payroll.
    2. Process outbound weekend orders for eBay.
    3. (DONE) Call Jason Somers re: COD order.
    4. Process Red Barn order through CCT.
    5. Call Scott and get the Dell rep information for the guy who wants to take over our account.
    6. Get Invoices out to customers for payment.
      1. (DONE) Invoice B&A
      2. (DONE) Invoice DVC
      3. (DONE) Invoice SM
      4. Re-invoice the customers who had returned address information.
      5. Enter Dell payments from Scott into QB.
      6. Call Accountant and initiate direct-deposit on all accounts.
    7. Order USR 8003 from CDW.
    8. (DONE) Get new Dell for Moses setup and process the invoice.
  6. Dan: Start the quote for ICC through Dell.
Wednesday Morning: Dan: 9 AM Meeting with Sprint at DVC
  1. Get keys from Aimee next door.
  2. Install interior demark for DSL,
  3. Install Router
  4. Patch from Switch to P-Panel.
  5. Terminate office 2
  6. Tone test office 2
  7. Don't forget to meet with me or Scott the night before and get the Toner, Cabling, Keystones, and other related materials.
  8. Run the phone number from the Punch Down to the offices of the Sprint tech isn't going to do it.
  9. Call Sable about outsourcing locally to POS customers. Speak to Lupa or Patricia.
  1. Early Morning: Meet and go spec the Omni install at Klein's office.
  2. Go to Lowes' and get hardware.
  3. Begin Hardware install.
Thursday: Tim: Swap IH hardware with ECN hardware if it comes in from supplier. New Projects To Handle: These are the projects that are on the slate that we've been meaning to talk about and get underway with.
  1. Tommy: Call PCC and Edgecombe CC about recruiting part time labor from the Network Technology groups for independent project work.
  2. Make a small flier to pass to small restaurant chains here in town to offer WISP to customers. (WI-FI only, not WI-MAX).
  3. Contact the Pitt County Business Licensing Bureau to see if we can get access to a list of businesses who have applied for new business licenses in a given time period. This would be a good source of leads for install/terminate/drop jobs for part timers and to help float new business requirements.
That's it. That's been my day today... and tomorrow.. and the next day.... and come to think of it, the next day too! Dang! So how is everyone else's week going thus far? I miss you guys... and hope to see you all soon.

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