Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday, Sunday Sunday

Boo! You should'a been payin' attention... that's what you get. Well, it's Sunday afternoon. Ive cleaned the house, drank some coffee, read the new, made lunch, played in Photoshop, burned labels for 16 new DVD movies, and checked my eBay sales for the weekend. Sorry I didn't make it on here much yestarday. It was a busy day. I had to do that job at the hospital at the crack of dawn. I left there JUST in time to take a shower and go to the Movies to see Contantine, then came back here, hung out a little, napped a little, then went to the OC to watch Ed and Justin. Sorry I missed you guys at EC last night, but it wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me to go out clubbing with my ex while my girlfriend is home with the Flu, so I kept my happy little ass right there at the OC and hung out with Todd, Sameena, and Gecko. It was good just to get out and relax away from Breezewood for a change. I love you all and I'll post a little more later. Agent M and Lil'Bit just got here so I'm going to hang out with my wang out for a while.


  1. Thanks to everybody who's called to check on April. It means a lot guys. She's starting to feel a little better but she's had to work 8 hours this morning and then has to work another 9 or 10 hours tonight.

    So I don't know how much you'll see her on here until Monday or so, but she appreciates your love and concern.

    Agent M, Lit' Bit, and I are going to the OC tonight to hang out for a little bit and to play some 9-Ball. We're going pretty early, just to kind of finish off the weekend... so if anyone wants to come, this is your written invitation.

    Love's all of ya...

    *poofing into the etherspace*

  2. Lil'Bit headed on home, so count her out for the oc tonight. i'm not haning out real late, last night took a toll on me...i'm exhausted, plus, i have to me at the gym at 9 am. so, i'm gonna need some sleep cause my trainer will prolly kick my ass in the morning since i missed friday's workout to go to the rodeo.


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