Saturday, February 19, 2005

Morning All

Morning everyone. Agent M, Lil' Bit, Black Jack: Sorry we missed your rodeo last night but I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I hope to see you guys tonight. We are all going to see Constantine at 4:00 PM. (Meeting at 2:20 at my house) If you guys want to go, Gecko is going to buy advance tickets, so you can call me and get her number. My day is starting slowly: Went to bed at 3, got up at 7:15. It's 8 AM now and April's out like a light... so I thought I'd enjoy the solitude and say good morning to everyone while I down my first cup of coffee... on that thought... let me to get my second cup... brb Nooooow! That's better. Where was I? Oh, yes, indeed; my plans for the day. Tim, Dan and Myself are leaving here at about 8:30 to go to East Carolina Neurology to install the Wireless Access Points to allow their hand-held PDAs to update to a central server in the main building. Hopefully everything will run smooth and we'll be home before lunch. Either way, I'll be back around the house by 2:30 to meet with you guys that are coming. I'm going to take my phone in case someone needs me, but don't call me to chat this morning. I hope to get this job done quick and we're going to be messing with ceiling tiles and insulation all morning. Fun Fun Fun. I hope you enjoyed the pics from last night... I just thought I'd post a few here real quick. I still have a fairly decent update to to the the main photo site but I haven't gotten around to that yet? Agent -M: Did you take pictures last night? Scooby Update: Tim (also known as Scythe on here) has been assigned his permanent nickname... lol. He's "Ping-Bot" Next time you see him... just walk past and mutter "boing" under your breath and keep walkin... lol Ok.. I'm delirious with lack of caffiene. You guys have a good morning. See you all again real soon. Love, D-D-Dash

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  1. sorry, i didnt take the camera...didnt think about it. i was a little disapointed with the bull riding. the first guy fell off and got knocked out cold. he had to be carried off in a stretcher. then, out of like 10 more bulls, only 1 cowboy stayed on for 8 seconds. but damn, did he look good doing it. i swear, i run away to texas to marry a rodeo cowboy.

    i want to know the meaning of ping-bot.

    glad you guys had fun last night. we need to plan a big scooby game night with everyone there, no exceptions.

    by the way, how's doc doing? i havent heard an update in awhile.

    well...i'm off for now, i gotta do some laundry and cleaning n case chris comes over today.

    catch everyone later


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