Thursday, February 17, 2005

I decided to post a few of these on here for posterity's sake as I was going through my albums tonight. I took some time to crop the articles and put them in an album before I lost them forever in a jumbled mess. This was Hannah's first real report period since she's been in school. This is the first year they get an A,B, C rating. She made principal's list the first time (which I owe credit to her mom for that one. Michelle was the A-list kid,) AND she made honor roll the second time (which I take full credit for. That's more in my ball-park.) I know this post will be gone in 3 days, moved to the archives like so much else in our lives. But someday, Hannah or I will go through here and take a stroll through memory lane and see it. Then maybe she'll be glad I put it here, or maybe I'll just enjoy the memory of this time of her life. Whichever it is, I hope if she ever reads this that she knows that I love her and I'm proud of her.

Posted By Gandalf


  1. congrads babe...dont ever let these memories go...i'm off to bed now...i'll be back, at 7:10am, (5 mins earlier than i normally get up) so i can check what i missed during my sleeping hours. Night all!


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