Friday, February 11, 2005

TGIF!!!!!! :)

WOW! Can you believe that Friday is finally here? I feel like I've so been left out of the loop because of working so much! Just wanted to drop a note to fill in anyone whose been wondering where I've been. I had to be at the Grind at 11:00 yesterday to wait (my first time) on a party of 40 senior citizens. Luckily it was a buffet, so my biggest worry was whether they had enough to drink and if they needed more sugar and creamer. :) Think I did pretty well! I got off from work around 3:30 and then had to come home and get ready for work at the Cue, which was really dead for a Thursday. If it hadn't been for Gandalf and Mourningstar and his wonderful wife, my last 3 hours would have been the worse! I finally came crawling in around 3:15 and of course what did I do first, check the blog! I swear we've all come victim to this thing! :) Now I start off this day by taking Tracy's shift at the Grind for her, so she can head to F-ville to see her man and celebrate V Day tonight. She has to work at the bar tomorrow night, and he leaves Sun. for VA for a week, so its now or never! Someone please ask me why I'm torturing myself to try and work this morning? I'm surprised my spelling and grammar maybe halfway right............... but no comments on that, I don't really care. LOL Well I guess I should probably quit jabbering and start getting ready for work............... my day should be over by 3!!!! (and of course, the first thing I'll do when I get home is check the blog for anything new!) Have a great day y'all and keep blogging! I'll catch up later!


  1. Girl, can you breathe???? I would take classes over that any day :-) Tommy better have a nice relaxing valentines day for you (or weekend...whenever you guys are celebrating it)!!

  2. Hey... no pressuring the Tommy! The tommy is under enough pressure as it is!

    The Tommy is going to refer to himself in the 3rd person today... all day.. I'm going to be "The Tommy".. lol

    You don't see my girlfriend pressuring Thiago for Valentines day.. what's up with that? I can't take the pressure....

  3. Please refer your thiago comment to my post "the weekend" he needs no pressure this weekend :-P And I am sure you will do fine


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