Thursday, February 10, 2005

To work or not to work...

So it's my second day of blogging, and I've already gotten quite addicted to checking the site. So much in fact, I'd much rather be talking to all of you, than working on the three or four papers I have backing up on me. I don't have classes today, so my goals for the day are as follows: -get a rough draft of my travel piece written for my advanced non fiction class, due monday. -get a rough draft of another personal narrative for non fiction, due monday. -go to walmart and get food -cash a check at the bank -start working on my presentation for FL All of this while keeping up with the blog.... I'm hoping at least the first two things will get done, but if that can happen I will consider it a good day. This blog site is really turning out to be cool.... and the more posts the better (hint, hint) :) Gecko

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