Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wow... sorry it's so late.

Hi all. My most sincere apologies for taking to long to get to the blog today. It's been a HELLUVA day... but a good one. It's 12:06 now and I've just finished my work for the day. Check this out: Monday- worked 14 hours, Tuesday- worked 15 hours, Wednesday- worked 15.5 hours. So far I'm at 45.5 hours for the week and it's only Wednesday night. Does this mean I get the rest of the week off? Holy Crap. On the side of progress: What has my tireless efforts reaped for the week? Well, thus far we have completely finished IHOP's wireless Internet access, so you can all go hang out, surf the web free, and munch down on your Rutti Tooti Fresh & Fruity, courtesy of Pingbot and myself and our amazing super-powers! We also landed a new client today that will be 1 days work, but will pay for everyone's payroll for a whole week. That's nice. And after 7 months of being persistent, patient, and downright annoyed, I FINALLY got Ironwood Country Club to come to the negotiating table. They're ready to install their new hardware. So far, I'm 7 out of 8 on closing deals since the beginning of February. I'm feeling mighty high right now about my closing ratio. I'm closing 87.5% of the customers I talk to. That's great in my personal opinion. Usually, a great sales team can close 1 out of 4. We are beating that percentage all to hell and back, which is great. The down side is that I haven't hardly had any time at all with April this week. I've been working since before she gets up, and still at work until about 4 hours after she gets home from work. Needless to say, this weekend is going to be a nice relaxing one away from everything work related. OOH.. I talked to the Secretary of the Coastal Carolina Equestrian Centre this evening. She apparently owns 7 horses that she keeps for trail riding and has more boarded at her stables. She can't get them all ridden each day and keep them worked so I think I'm gonna get some GREAT ride time! She wants the help and I want the riding therapy. There was never a time that I felt better than when I was riding. I think it's truly the biggest passion I've ever had. Believe it or not, I used to get up VOLUNTARILY every day at 4:45 AM to go ride every single morning before work... lol. I never missed a day. You KNOW I've got to love something to get up before 9 AM for it. Anyway, I'll talk to her more as the week goes on and see about setting something up with that. She wants me to ride in the annual ride on the 1st of April. Woohoo! ok... well, now that I've filled in my day, I'll try to find time for more random bloggy things.... I just wanted to fill you all in on what I've been up to. Marisa: I hope your job interview went well. Mourningstar: finally got his home-gym together! *big round of applause* Now, he's gonna be BUFF-TODD instead of BIFF-TADD. Nat and Thiago: Got their marraige license today... I was a "witness".... I mean cheuffeur... lol.. so Contratulations guys. I'm happy for you both. April : Developed a severe blog addiction. I'm trying to think of a good term for the psychosis: Blogaphelia. Me: I got a new phone today. I'm still using the work phone number primarily, but I got a new LG like Agent M's because I friggin hated that other one. I'm giving mine to McFly at work... who will probably reprogram it to operate like a TNG Tri-Corder. ( I bet no one but Gecko and Pingbot get that reference.) OK.. I'm gone for now.. I'm going to go through the rest of the posts and see what I've been missing. Love you all.

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  1. Hahaha, yes, sadly, I do get that reference! I think it would be cooler if he could turn it into a phaser though.


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