Thursday, February 10, 2005

Handicapped People Suck...

They just fined Breezewood and Hyde Park's Homeowner's association $800,000.00 for not being "handicap accessible." Here's my hint you stupid shits: If you're handicapped, wheelchair bound, club-footed, or lost your genitals in Vietnam.... LIVE ON THE FIRST DAMNED FLOOR! How stupid is this shit! Why in the world would a handicapped individual WANT to live in the "inaccessible" areas of these two locations? "Hmm.. let's zip my speedy-chair down the hallway, around the corner, down the ramp, around the corner, down the ramp, around the corner, down the ramp, around the corner, down the next ramp, around the next corner, down the next ramp... SHIT! I forgot my handi-car keys! DAMN IT! *screeching sounds*.... (commencing reverse zoom back to the handi-pad) If you're handi-capable then take the fuckin stairs like everyone else if you're too good to live on the ground level (which IS accessible). I could think of a LOT better things to do with 800 thousand dollars than add skateboard ramps! Who's gonna run your ass down the elevator/ramp whatever when your second floor corner cozy catches fire? Build a bigger fucking pool! Ok.. I'm over it now... ahhhhhhhhh


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