Friday, February 18, 2005

Whew! I'm glad thats over!

Well, I'm back to the land of the living......sort of. :) Thank you to everyone who has been asking Tommy about me, I appreciate it more than you know! Just to fill you all in, I didn't have what Little Bit had, the doc thinks I have a virus, so I'll just have to suffer it out.......ugh! However, I think my nausea is related to the fact that everything I took this week had Tylenol in it, and I think my system had just had enough! So no more Tylenol for me for a while!! As for the plans to go out this weekend, I'm not doing anything tonight....I don't want to push my luck anymore than I have too, I'm supposed to go out with Megan tomorrow, but I'll have to wait and see with that one too. And as much as I would love to watch the 500, I have to work Sunday morning and night (am I crazy) so I can't do that either. Looks like I'm gonna be on my own a lot this weekend, but I promise to be back in full swing by next weekend! Thanks again for all your love and support!


  1. Hey girl,
    Glad to hear that you are doing better (bye the way didnt little bit have the flu...that's a virus ;-p ) Are you guys still on for the constitine matinee tomorrow? Let us know

  2. Yeah, we're on for the matinee, but I don't know how much more I can do. The doc gave me a flu test and said that wasn't it, so I'm just repeating what she said (who knows?), anyway, guess we'll figure more out about tomorrow later, ok?

  3. April,
    I'm really glad to hear you are feeling better to. I was really worried when I heard you went to the hospital last just take care of youself this weekend, and don't worry about anything else.


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