Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Baby Got Snacks

Ok, I know this is really stupid, and I am spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading blogs, but I found this song and thought it was LMAO funny! Just put it to the tune of "Baby Got Back" and take it away............ Baby Got Snacks I like big girls and I can not lie, Even if there big and wide. Swope and swagden cheesy, You know that meat is greasy. Scoopen up chips and hot wings, Rubbin’ on cookies and ice cream. Lovin’ on burgers and fries, Feedin’ those big old thighs. O baby I wanna get with ya cause your pants don’t fit ya, My homeboys tried to warn me,With that gut you got make me so h****. OHH—to much pork skin,Yo butt can’t fit in my Benz. Smelly, Gelly feed that big old Belly. I seen her huffin’ eating on cookies and muffins, She stuffed so Strut, She shaped like a Semi truck. I’m tired of magazines sayin’ youAlways gotta be lean, But to put a big girl in a good mood You gotta have some food And layin’ on yo back and you’ve think you got it made Neck so thick she could eat a brick If its made by Frito lay Baby Got Snacks I really need to find something better to fill my time! :)

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  1. OK.. damnit. I sat here and sang that whole thing to myself... that's 90 seconds of my life I can NEVER get back.. lol


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