Sunday, April 25, 2010

Running out of Bedrooms! (and loving it)

Its been quite awhile since I’ve had the time to write like I wanted. It’s 7:30 in the morning now, the boy child is entertained watching cartoons, the dogs are fed and taken care of, and my only goal for the early part of the day is to let Amy and TK sleep a little longer.

With the work load at the clinic and the additional stress of monitoring the mare 24x7 for the last two weeks there has been very little time for either of them to relax. I’m hoping they both sleep until 10, but I know it’s unlikely.

It’s really proving to be a year of change and growth here for our family. Last year this time it was Amy and me, with her son on the weekends. Now we’ve got our newest member, Jordan, added to the mix and by summertime we’ll have my daughter for a few months. I remember when we got this house thinking we’d never have it full, but this summer we’ll have 3 kids here and a family of five! I’m a little stressed out thinking how we’re going to pull it off, but the other part of me can’t wait to have the whole family together.

Now, as much as I’d like to continue this right now, I need to get little-man fed before he starts a mutiny. Back later if I can get the free time!