Saturday, February 12, 2005


As stated earlier, ECU's Mendenhall is going to be showing a sneak preview of CONSTANTINE the new Keanu Reeves movie this week. I found out it will be Wednesday, at 7:00pm. The price is free, but because of that, I would reccomend anyone interested show up at Mendenhall at least an hour prior to showtime for seating. If anyone has any other questions or needs directions, please let me know in a post.


  1. Gecko,

    April had a point when we were talking about it. Being the kind of movie this is, it's going to draw a huge loud crowd at campus.

    Why don't we wait until Thursday or Friday and catch a Matinee in the afternoon when it's only 4 bucks?

    That way we can get Ed and the rest to go too. (You don't know Ed yet, but you'll meet him eventually. He's my movie-going bud.)

    What ya say?

  2. Thiago wants to see constantine very badly, and I have an exam thurs. Friday would be much better...but he works during the matinee would be imposible...but sunday matinee would be great!!! what does everone say to that?

  3. I can't do a Sunday matinee, I have to work (possibly-I'm gonna try and get out of it), what's Saturday like?

  4. sat matinee is fine with us!

  5. I'd love to go see a Sat Matinee :)


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