Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wow... delirium, boredom, freedom, or just plain "dom"

Wow... what a friggin day. In addition to doing great on my proposals today, I sold about $1,500.00 worth of stuff on eBay. *doing the happy dance... not to be confused with the Robot. If you want to see the robot, ask Gecko. Otherwise, get out of the way so I can happy dance all over the place.* "Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance." Hey... does anyone know the WORDS to the happy dance? Prancing around like a gay tampon on a string is infinitely better with music, but all I have is this little hum in my brain... or that could be the tumor... tiddles! At about 6:30 I took a break and now I've updated the photos on the sidebar with three new people. I added Gecko, Bannag, and Natalie to the mix. Whom else do we invite? Anyone got any suggestions? PS: Thanks to all those who wished me luck today on my Ihop deal... apparently it worked. We got the job.

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