Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thursday and Saturday

Hello people! Ok, just to let everyone know, there is a free showing of Swash (a comedy improv group from ECU) at Via Cappuccino thursday. It should be at 8pm (I will repost the definate time later)...and it is great. Nikki's BF joe is in the group. Also, just in case you guys havent kept up on the comments a group of us is going to a Saturday Matinee of Constantine so let us know if you want to go and if there is a best time for you. Natalie

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  1. So it's:

    Thursday- Swash
    Friday- Rodeo
    Saturday Afternoon- Constantine
    Saturday Night- Various. I've got that party to go to at Mesh. And I'd love to go go see Romeo on Sat. night if it's at all possible. Maybe April and I can show up a little late.

    (Gecko and Nikki, you should come see them too. They're awesome.)


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