Monday, February 21, 2005


So, its raining outside, I am done with classes for a few hours (Have I ever mentioned that I hate the fact I have night class two times a week?), and daytime TV is the same boring shit as per usual. So that leaves me with two choices. Sit here, playing on the blog, or start getting some work done in the two hours I have before my next class. Something tells me I'm going to end up pretending to work more than anything else. Agent M, you around and bored too? I am looking forward to Emerald City, what about everyone else?


  1. hey gecko...of course i'm around. i'm watching blue collar comedy rides again (for the 2nd time today, as you said, daytime tv). night classes are something i never did in school...but, i'm sure when i go back to grad school, all of my classes will be at night. yeah, i'm real bored. my nap was the highlight of my afternoon. i'm looking forward to emerald city this weekend. i'm planning of going. i even know what i'm wearing already, thanks to april cleaning out her closet. well...i think i'll go back to the couch now. catch ya'll later

  2. Can't wait until Friday! All you guys that want to come pre-drink, feel free. I've still got a few various liquors over here.


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