Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bad endings

bad endings honestly speaking i dont really like to express myself in writing. I only do it when i feel strongly about something. some recent events in my life(those involved know who they are) have in a way brought me back to my senses about people. I am normally very cautious when it comes to allowing people to get close to me. It's my way of self protection. I chose to ignore my better judgement recently with some people and i got burned. I chose to allow myself to draw close to ones i normally would not have. Unfortunately things did not turn out well and now those friendships are over. Disappointing and sad to say the least, these bad endings could have been avoided. All too often in life people ignore their better judgement and make decisions they know can very well end badly. I have spent a good part of my life not taking chances for that very reason. I wont say i regret my decisions because i dont. I only wish i had listened a little more closely to that little voice in my head saying "take it slow , be cautious, and dont get too close." Perhaps if i had i could have avoided my "bad endings

picture pictures pictures!!!

ARGH TOMMY!! where are all the pics from Saturday? Bridget e-mailed them, but this slow ass computer and yahoo mail, i couldnt see them. I had to download each one individually, and I believe she sent over 100! Get them up here soon! I have been checking every day. we all know you don't sleep, i thought for sure there would be a link to fototime by now! Sheesh! xoxo M

After The Race: (the weekend continues)

As I said before, after a half hour of running in circles like a bunch of kids, we finally got to go in and eat. We had dinner at Tortugas Lie, and old place I used to hang out in when I was growing up on the beach. It was neat to go back there again after all these years.

Carribean food, Reggae music, and an oyster bar.. what else can you ask for?


Granny B waits patiently for her food... she's gonna yell at me for posting this pic.

The tourist-scoobs had to sit at another table. You know, we local's can't be seen eating dinner with out-of-towners!

My girls! We were all having a blast. I'm not sure exactly WHEN Hannah stole my cowboy hat, but she looked really cute in it.

Aww.. look.. a southern Father-Daughter moment shared over a beer... how absolutely Nags Head can you get? lol.. (PS: It's a root beer!) We were trying hard not to bust out laughing while it was being taken.

 Same cuteness... just no beer. The other one was a priceless shot though!

That was about it for dinner.

After dinner, we dropped Mom off at her car and she headed back home while we decided to try to tackle the beach at night. I've loved driving on the beach all my life and I was really looking forward to a chance to test out the new four wheel drive Ford Truck I rented for the occasion. It was a complete blast! We loaded up my truck and Tim's truck and headed out in the dark to explore the beaches of Oregon Inlet. It was too late that night to get any good pictures, but I got some on the next trip to the beach.

After this, we dropped the gang off at the hotel and April and I mosied on down to Mom's house for the night to prepare for the LONG next day. I had to be up at the butt crack of dawn to get the pig on the grill.

NASCAR BASH: Birthday Bash Post-Event Write Up...(geeze, get off my back man!)

Ok ok ok. I'm glad we have dedicated readers on here, but c'mon man. I get posts on the blog about writing posts on the blog! (kidding). I'm glad you all want to see all the pics and hear about the events. So, without further ado...


It was GREAT! A few of us went down Friday afternoon to just kind of hang out and play around; no plans, no itinerary, no schedule. We just wanted to get a little fun in before the hullaballoo on Saturday started up. I pretty much knew that my Saturday was going to be spent staring at Wilbur (the pig) all day so I wanted to get in some relaxation in advance.

With that in mind, Ricky Bobby (My brother Raymond) decided to lead us to Tortugas Lie for dinner. Now, if you've never tried to get dinner at 5 pm on Friday in Nags Head in the middle of tourist season, you don't know what you're missing! While waiting for a seat at the restaurant, a few of us went and got beers and then we all walked over to the go-kart track to kill some time. Ricky Bobby works there so he got us some deals. (Thanks again for that!).

I can't imagine when a bunch of grown adults have had more fun acting like 12 year olds. I know this is going to take up some bandwidth for you overseas users, but it's worth it to see some of these pictures Mom and April took while we were "racing" at about 22 miles per hour. Hey! Don't laugh! It's like almost 40 in kilometers per hour!




As you can see, I'm riding with peanut.. she wouldn't drive on her own, so we rode together and played bumper carts with eveyrone else, oblivious of the big "No Bumping" signs posted everywhere. I'm pretty sure the attendant considered himself lucky to escape the scene with his limbs still attached.


As you can see, Bobby LaGoofy (Tim) was putting some serious thought in to his turns. His skill as he slips in past Murph on turn 1 to take the lead is just the beginning of the fun.

Again.. look at the concentration on this man's face. He's taking his racing very seriously... primarily because his wife is yelling from across the track.. lol

Clairssa, star of "Clarissa Shames Them All" uses a new feminine technique to gain the competitive edge in racing. Apparently being a woman allows you to lean your head into the turn and your hair like a ram-air scoop, pushing that extra mile per hour out of those weed-eater engines.

And it's Ricky Bobby in turn one, showing off the ease with which he masters the track!

Not to be daunted by the Murphinator, Clarissa Shames Them All once again takes the lead out of turn one, headed for the back stretch.

Yet another example of her feminine wiles. See that sneaky head-bob she's got going on there? She's using jedi go-kart powers to eliminate her competition.

Goofy LaBonte pauses to shower his adoring fans with a smile. (Personally I think he quit paying attention long enough to stare at that really cute russian check running the ticket counter, but what do I know?)

Kris refuses to let up on the Murphinator coming out of turn one, but Murph smiles all the way to the finish line.

I get a chance to sneak in and rub some bumpers with Ricky Bobby and Hannah in the second run.

As I sneak in on Goofy LaBonte, unbeknownst to me, Clarrissa Shames Them All is burnin up my rear fender as she comes in for the kill, using that jedi head bob again! Dastardly Woman!

Denied! Finally... someone puts the she-jedi in the wall!

The Scooby Cup Winner's Circle.. or line.. or polygonal shape..... whatever!


I'll post more in the next post. Don't want to put TOO many in one post for the benefit of making commenting easier.



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday Party Planning

(Updated Thursday June 20, 2007)


Ok. It's about time I made this post, so I can get started getting things rolling for the birthday shin-dig this year. Most of you know we're doing a pig-pickin' this year down at my Mom's house on the water. I REALLY want the scoobs to come. I'm doing it at Mom's because on my 24th birthday I cooked a pig at my place here in Greenville and Mom got to come and hang out with all of us and she really enjoyed the pig, the Scoobs, and it was just an awesome day. So she asked me to cook her one for her birthday at home... and I tried to turn that into a tradition for her each year. Last year I wasn't about to do it because I was in Africa, so I missed her birthday altogether.

My birthday is on the 24th of June and hers is on the 7th of July. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be here on the 7th of July, so I'm trying to get it done sometime before I leave and my birthday happens to be a day that I know I'll be in the state. It's also April's mom's 50th birthday, the day after mine. SO, we're celebrating my 30th, her 50th, and my mom's 50-something-ith.

For those of you who don't know, my mom has a single-wide right on the water and a pretty huge yard. We've always had a blast down there when we do this, so I really want you ALL to come. It's probably going to be the last chance I get to have a get-together until October, because I'll be leaving early July for Africa again.

I'm going down there either Friday the 22nd or early Saturday the 23rd. The pigpicking itself will be on Saturday. Usually I start the pig around 8 AM and it's done around mid afternooon. In the meantime, a few people usually bring boats down, canoes, kayaks, and volleyball gear.. so we're usually all doing something all afternoon long. The water is beautiful, the yard is full of soft green grass, so whether you're into laying in the sun and drinking margaritas, or canoeing with the boys as we race up and down the coastline, it's fun for all. That's all the sales pitch I have, so PLEASE consider trying to come. I promise you'll enjoy yourself.


WHEN: As I said, the pig-picking is Saturday all day long, but you're welcome to come down on Friday. I'm figuring most will want to come down on Saturday and if you want, we have worked out a discount rate at the hotel in town. The Duke of Dare has been having my mom do their taxes for thirty years or so, so she's worked us some cool rates. There ARE plenty of room at this time, but we need to get head counts NOW for who' staying overnight so we can inform the hotel. My mom has offered to get the rooms in her name, so those staying will just need to pay her for the room.

Each room is $77.00 per night and has two queen-size beds, so we'd planned on doubling-up to make it affordable. It's too much to ask people to pay almost a hundred bucks to hang out for a day, but if we do it road-trip style, and choose who wants to shack-up with who in advance, we can do it really cheaply. April and I will be getting a room so at least one couple can crash with us in our room. That makes it $37.50 for the other couple or a little less than $20.00 per person.

WHY STAY? Well, after the party has come and gone and I clean up the yard a little, we usually take all the 4-wheel drive trucks and head for the beach. We run down south to Oregon Inlet and put in on the sand and scoot down the tide-line to hang out and have a few drinks at on the beach.... drop the tailgates, turn on some beach music, pop a few tops, and just have a good time.... nothign rowdy, but it's a once-a-year thing that we can't always do too often, so we try to maximize the day's hours as much as possible.

Alternative to Hotels: My mom has made the point that ANYone who wants to is welcome to stay at the house, though floor space is first-come, first-serve. A few of you, Wess for example, are bringing a tent and gonna camp out in the yard.. which is perfectly cool with us. I'd do that too if I had a tent!

PIG: I'm going to get Jody Griffin's pig cooker on Friday and April is going to pick up the Pig in Washington from Acre station. I REALLY need an honest-to-god head count in order to know how much pig to get. Last time we had a 120 pound pig... and that's probably too much unless the crowd is big, so just let me know be responding to us or here on the blog.

Things to bring: Nothing is required of you if you can come. You're already spending money to travel there, and possibly stay in a hotel, so Mom, April, and I will pay for the necessities. However, if you're ranklin' to cook a side disk or you WANT to help out, there's going to be lots of small needs to fill, such as coolers for drinks, drinks themselves, side dishes, etc.

List of Potentials: (Red=Confirmed/Black=Unknown)

(This is where I'm trying to list everyone and note if they can or can't come. Please let us know so we can plan for you.)

  • Tommy/April/Marisa (Hotel)
  • Tim/Claire, Anne Marie/Murph (Hotel) 
  • Kris/Danielle (Hotel)
  • Cathy/Frankie (Hotel)
  • Mom/Raymond (House)
  • Joe/Bridget (Hotel)
  • Mom/Hannah (House)
  • Jean/HG (visiting only)
  • Amanda/Josh (visiting only)
  • Zack/Heather (visiting only)
  • Miranda/Jimmy (visiting only)
  • Leann/Daughter (House)
  • Jacob (visiting only)
  • Bryan/Amber (visiting only)
  • Wade/Girlfriend (visiting only : bringing boat)
  • Jodie/Jamie/Christy/Kim (semi-confirmed)
  • Faris/Brandon/Gail/Jeff (Visiting only)
  • Wess (Tent.. lol)
  • Nancy Brown, William, and Emily (visiting only)


  • Pig and Pig Cooker: Tommy
  • Inflatable Mattress: Tommy
  • Ski's and Vest: Tommy
  • Paper Plates, Accessories,etc: Raymond/Mom
  • Boats:  (let me know if you can bring one)
  • Tables to put food on: Anyone got any sturdy folding tables?
  • Others to be determined.



Here's the food list that I have so far. I need volunteers. Just make a comment about what you want to bring and I'll edit the post to put you in there.. first list, first serve.

Update 6/12/2007: Thanks for the offers so far! Almost done!

  • Yellow Corn (In the husk) OPEN
  • Potato Salad:  Miranda
  • Potato Salad: OPEN
  • Deviled Eggs: Faye
  • 1 Dozen Deviled Eggs: Bridget
  • 5 Bags Chips: Marisa
  • Ice: Ray
  • Pasta salad: Amber
  • Cole slaw: OPEN
  • Veggie tray w/dressing: Bridget
  • Veggie tray w/dressing: OPEN
  • Baked beans: Brenda
  • Bread/Rolls: OPEN
  • Bread/Rolls: OPEN
  • Banana Pudding: Gail
  • Ice Cream Cake: Brenda
  • Cucumbers in Vinegar: Bridget
  • Honeydew Melon: Tim/Claire
  • Watermelon: Tim/Claire
  • Hot Dogs: Brenda
  • Hot Dog Rolls: Bridget
  • Brownies: Jean
  • Brownies: Amber
  • Other Dessert: OPEN
  • Macaroni & Cheese: Nancy
  • Green beans: Jean
  • Butter beans: Faye
  • 12 pk drinks – mountain dew: Brenda
  • (3) 12 pks drinks – Coke Classic: Marisa
  • 12 pk drinks – pepsi: Ray
  • 12 pk drinks – Other: OPEN
  • 12 pk drinks – Other: OPEN
  • Sweet Tea: Brenda
  • Paper plates, forks, cups: Brenda
  • Napkins: Bridget
  • Condiments: Brenda

If you can think of something that need to be on the list, add it as a comment. (PS: Dont add unless you're volunteering! lol.) We're trying to fill all the slots for this stuff at LEAST, so be creative with additional stuff and help me finish off this list.



Highlights from Years Past:






So.. please please please come if you can. If I've forgotten to add you to the list, it's not on purpose. ALL are welcome to attend and all are wanted! The more the merrier.



  • The only rule I have is no one gets SO drunk that they cause a scene. This is a fun-filled, drama free weekend on the beach. No babysitting of grown folks. If you want to have drama, go somewhere else, because you WILL be ejected from the event! lol.
  • Pets: Lots of us have pets and mom has a big yard, so a reasonable amount of pets are acceptable. If you want to bring your dogs, just be aware that when the food is served they will need to be stakes, or roped up in the back yard so as not to cause a mess while we're trying to eat.
  • Kids: While I'm sure SOME of the language will get a little raucous once in awhile, the general idea here is to have a good time. If you would like to bring children, we will have plenty to entertain them with as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Directions to the beach

Ok, for those that aren't sure of where to go, I've worked on a couple of maps for directions.... if at any point you have questions, please don't hesistate to call either Tommy, Brenda, Ray, or myself for more information. :) For those coming from the Greenville area....

You should be able to click it to big it.... :) Or, go to and enter your address and enter Ferry Dock Rd, Manns Harbor as your end choice.... As soon as you turn onto Ferry Dock Rd it's the VERY first driveway!!! If you have gotten to a sharp curve, you've gone way too far. :)

If you're coming from anywhere other than Greenville, just get on 64E and head to the OBX. When you get to a caution light in Manns Harbor, take a left. (This takes you to the original bridge between Manns Harbor and Manteo.) After a mile or so, you should see Ferry Dock Rd to the right, turn there and immediately take the first driveway (if the parking is tight we'll figure out somewhere to put you.) :)

Once again, if you have any questions at all, just call us, we'll be happy to help. If you don't have our number, email us, and we'll get it to you. :)

**Don't forget to take a look at the menu list and see if there is anything you can bring. We can use all the help we can get. As for drinking, it's BYOB, and you MUST behave, and you better have a DD if you plan on drinking a lot. We want a fun yet safe weekend for everyone, and WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR anyone getting hurt or in trouble. We are all adults here, and should be able to have a good time. :) **

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It is finished...

Well, after a hundred hours or so of sanding, scraping, painting, taping, cleaning, and all the other little tasks involved, the apartment redecoration is complete! The furniture was delivered yesterday. I'm SO glad to see it all together and be able to enjoy it after all this waiting and worrying about furniture shades, available space, and the myriad of other details that bugged me.

We thought we'd take a moment to share it, for those who wanna see:

The new sofa and window treatments.

At last... I have my "man chair."

The print over the wall.

Shadow boxes and the candelabra from my mom accent the kitchen wall. There's too much flash in this shot.. makes it look too pastel, but you get the idea.

We got a mirror for over the fireplace.

And finally, the roman style cornice box to cover the screen door.


Well, one more cup of coffee and then off to work to pay for all this stuff.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cool Website

For those of you who are an impatient as I am... It gets an actual person on the phone for you. Your phone rings and they're there. It beats waiting on hold for 20 minutes...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Photos Updated (see "Scooby Photos" Link on Left Panel)

I got tired of looking at all the pictures sitting in various folders on my desktop, waiting patiently to be published to the web, so I decided to start the morning off by syncing and updating all my photo albums online. I'll keep this post short, because I'm going to join Marisa and April at the pool as soon as I finish this and so I can allow the computer to upload the 1190 pictures I just added to the collections. To date, we have 11,196 photos of this group and its exploits. I'm quite sure this should qualify for some sort of record somewhere...

I'm not going to link to all the updated albums in this post, simply because I made too many updates for that to be efficient, but I will point you in the right direction if you want to see the new material.

There are three main categories on my photo site. They are Friends, Special Events, and Libya Photos. Traditionally, Special events is updated with ALL the pictures and then the ones of individuals are copied to their own album in the friend's category, allowing you to find that particular picture of you if you want to, rather than hunting through the thousands in the archive. I'm sure I've missed some friends updates, but ALL the pictures are updated in the Special Events category (with the exception of Hanah's Graduation, London, and Lee's wedding (which I still can't locate some of...)

The updated Special Events Albums are:

  • Doc's Visit Home May 2007
  • Marion's New House
  • Lee's Bday, London 2007
  • Wedding- Lee and Nicole
  • Boating 2007
  • Nature

There have also been 500 additions to the Libya Photos master category.

The following albums in Friends have been updated as well:

  • Doc Holliday
  • Coon Dog
  • Ed Prophet
  • April
  • Marion
  • Marisa
  • Lee , Nicole, and Logan (Added today)
  • Tim & Claire
  • Tommy - ME

I think that's about it.

In case you're a goob and can't find the main photo site, you can get to it by clicking HERE.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Hi Everyone

Well it is great to be back on the blog. Tommy please take the drunk Mexican picture of me off. It looks Horrible!!! Lee I hope you had a good birthday. Also Happy Anniversary to Lee and Nicole. Sorry I couldn't make dinner last night. I had to work all weekend as well as move into our new house. For those of you who don't know Mark and I left The Exchange ( smiling) and we are now living at 4393 Old Tar Road in Winterville. We now have some peace with no College students around. I would love it for all of yall to come to see the new place. You too April, I know you saw it Friday Night but you havent seen it since we unpacked all of the boxes. Mark and I are gonna plan a get together/pig pickin' once we get everything completely settled. I want to plant my garden and have flower beds first. So what has been going on with everyone? Marisa is Delayna feeling better? Well I am at work so I sould actually do some work. Tommy Mark and I will talk tonight about the beach trip. Hopefully we can come. I will let you know something soon. Talk to all of yall later.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tommy, I want to know why all the pictures at the top are all of you....

Friday, June 01, 2007

This weekend

April/Tommy ~ are you guys lounging at the pool at all this weekend??