Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Greetings ethersphere...

Howdy. How y'all doin' this mornin? It's amazing how a protien shake can change your whole morning. These things are GOOD! I hope you're all having a good day thus far. I should have a little more time to interact here today hopefully. I figured I'd write and plan my day out on here. That always seems to put my morning in the proper perspective. So here we go. Today's To Do List:
  • Finish this pot if coffee. (In Progress)
  • (Done) Call Bannag and have my morning chat.
  • (Done) Update Turbo Lister and List this week's ads on eBay.
  • (Done) Process eBay sales from last night.
  • (Done) Have Dan go by Insurers Group and re-pitch the proposal to Waighty and hopefully get approval on a scaled down proposal.
  • (Done) Have Pingbot check on the DSL installation update for IHOP and get an ETA.
  • (Done) Make sure Pingbot has ordered the parts for the IHOP wireless install. (Client Bridge, WAP, Router & Switch, etc.)
  • Have Pingbot call George Klein and attempt to setup a time on the COR install at his office.
  • (Done) Have Dan bring me the toolboxes from the job the other day.
  • (Done) Go to Lowes and pickup 2 more toolboxes.
  • Order materials for network jobs from CCT for the new toolboxes.
  • Call the finance lady and check on the status of our in-house financing.
  • Enter the billable information from the mail that scott gave me and find out who still needs to pay us.
  • (Done) Check with Pingbot on the progress at EC neurology, depending on the response from Senao on the WAP issues we had last weekend.
  • (Done) Get the new laptop from the office for Tim.
  • Get McFly on the email lists and get his contact information.
  • Find out if Scott has talked to the accountant like I asked him to about getting Direct Deposit for everyone's checks.
  • Call Logan's and see if they'd like to offer Wireless Internet Access in their bar/front dining section.
Ugh... I'm sure there's more to do, but that's enough to keep me going for 12 hours or so.


  1. Sounds like your day is going like mine!! Lot to do, but in a great mood!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah! I made the "TO DO" list! My life is now complete! I can die happy. "Elizabeth...I'm coming for ya Baby!"{doing the worst Red Fox impersonation ever} LMAO


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