Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday, damn I'm glad it's almost over.

Well, this is my third fucking attempt at this tonight. When I first sat down here 3o minutes ago, I was in a great mood. Now I'm just fucking aggravated. We had a LONG day today. I had a great weekend on eBay so that gave me endless hours of bookkeeping entertainment to do today. If anyone is ever looking for an alternative to beating your head against a brick wall for fun, they can try bookkeeping on a monday morning! God. Later on today, I find out that, all total, we haven't accomplished much of shit today. I was busting my balls all day long, and a few others were, but at the end of the day it seems I have to spoon-feed most of the people that I work with or they don't get anything done. Add to that the fact that I went to dinner with a new employee tonight. Scott hired him to run the Dell calls. Little did I know that we had just hired George McFly. I was HOPING to have someone that would help push Scott further towards progress, rather then towards playing games. However, much to my surprise, guess how Scott met him? On that damned game, City of Heroes. Now I have ANOTHER gaming junkie on the payroll. Technically I can't complain because McFly is performance based and paid hourly, not salary, so if I'm paying him, that means he's making me money... so that's good. He may work out to be a great guy... I have to try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I did get to get a huge kick out of the fact that I'm taking this guy to a business dinner with Scott. Now Scott is the biggest miser in the world. He can squeeze blood from a penny! What does this guy order for dinner? The BIGGEST thing on the menu. LMAO. It would be funny if I weren't footing the bill for this. It was ALMOST worth it though to watch this 120 pound guy eat a 22 ounce porterhouse, a WHOLE baked potato, skin and all, a salad, peanuts (in the shell) and THEN gnaw on the bone. He definitely got every dollar out of that steak... It's funny to see a guy half my weight eat more than me.... I thought Scott's eyes were going to pop out of his oversized head. After that, Tim came back with us, then left to go home when April and I went to food lion and blockbuster. Now, it's midnight, all the groceries are put away, the dishwasher is going, and I'm here blogging. Unfortunately, now I have to go work on paying the bills and THEN maybe I'll get around to having some free time. So to those of you who wonder why I'm never free to answer the phone much, today is a good example of why. With the exception of a few minutes this afternoon, I've been working for 15 hours now and I still have at least 1 to go. This sucks! I miss all you guys and hope to see you on here tomorrow. Later for now...

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