Friday, February 18, 2005

Feeling my age...(don't laugh)

Ok, so I just had a disturbing thought and I thought I'd share it with everyone, since no one else other than Agent M seems to be posting. I realized, not for the first time today, that I am getting old. My friend Carla had her first baby, a little girl, Monday afternoon (Yes, a Valentine's Day baby!!) and Natalie and Thiago are getting married in about a month, not to mention the fact that one of my best friends got married over the summer. I feel very out of the loop in this little senario...all of the above mentioned ppl except Thiago are younger than me....makes you stop and think for a minute. I'm not saying I want to get married and have babies right now, but it makes me feel like that's what I SHOULD be doing....anyone else ever get those little thoughts that nature is somehow disapointed in you for NOT doing what you are programmed to do? Ok, so that was the Gecko wierd thought of the day. Ponder this for awhile, kids :)


  1. ARE YOU CRAZY???? Please tell me you are kidding, right?! When I was 20, I was ending an engagement of 2 years and happier than I could be! Enjoy your college years while you have them, believe me, you will miss them later! Your other friends (excluding Natalie and Thiago) may realize the error of their ways and regret the choices they've made now! Just have fun and focus on school and your friends, everything else will fall into place when it's supposed to. (Believe me, I've been in your shoes too and felt the same way) Life is much better if you enjoy it as it happens!

    Wow, I really sound like a mom right there! LOL!!

  2. Please girl, you forget to mention that you are only older than most of the people by a few months...and age isnt a predictor of readiness. Dont get yourself so know you are way too young to feel stuff like that. Your time will come, and when it does it will be to a great guy who deserves you

  3. ok, gecko, i wish i could shake not really, but please babe, you're got all the time in the world. i'm 24, and i would love nothing more than to settle down and birth babies, but it's not my time, and i'm not going to settle for just anyone. he has to be mr right, and thats just all there is to it. age should NEVER be a factor. it's gonna happen for you, just when your time is right. and, when it's right, you'll know it. until then, enjoy the best years of your life. you can NEVER have these years again. but, i feel your pain, so if you want to get together and have an "against couples" party, i'm there with ya. lets see...
    tommy and april
    marion and marcus
    todd and seemena (sp. i'm so sorry)
    natalie and thiago
    wes and patty
    yeah, all the scoobs are coupled up. looks like its you and me. when do you want to plan this party??


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