Sunday, February 13, 2005

A hypothesis on prevailing wind currents

This is a question that has baffled men for many years I'd imagine, but, lacking the proper forum for discussion, its considered indecent to talk about in polite circles. Since we all know that I'll talk about just about anything..... I'll go ahead and propose it to the world at large. How come, when you fart in a vehicle, the duration of the stench is directly proportionate to the olfactory offensibility said stench? The more poweful of a reek your ass produces, the longer it wants to stay in the venhicle. And further, this is only half of the question: The other half of the question pertains to prevaling wind current. For example, whenn driving in a vehicle at 45 miles per hour and a fart is released from its gaseous prison, no amout of wind current seems to affect it's presence, nor its duration. Science would suggest the the fart should be quickly vented from the vehicle's confines, since in essence it is a collection of particles floating through the air. For some reason, the fart particles seem completely immune to the effects of wind. Anyone know why this is? No... really... I'm serious! Scythe, I'm sure you have a scientific answer to this one. Or maybe Mourningstar....

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  1. Your right I do have a scientific answer, but I don't know if I really want to answer this question, but to lead you in the right direction think density and parts per million coupled with the amount of vapors and you should be able to come to a conclusion. If not then I'll give a full description.


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