Thursday, February 10, 2005

Luck, Philosophy, and Refried Beans.

Well, wish us luck. Tim, Dan, and Myself are going to IHOP at 2:00 to quote them on adding a new network drop so they can connect the kitchen computers to the front computers for their Point Of Sale software. Additionally, they want to get ahead of the curve and offer wireless internet to their customers, so we're bidding that job too while we're there. So far, I'm 2 out of 3 on quotes. I've done 3 big customer quotes in the last two weeks and 2 of them have gone through. I'd like to close this one too and make my closing percentage 75%, as opposed to 66%. Something about working in Direct Sales makes you get stuck in that mind frame forever. Everything becomes percentages, figures, laws of averages, etc. On the other hand, maybe I've just put myself in that frame of mind to subconsciously take the pressure off me for selling the service. If I keep the focus on the facts and figures, I'll forget that I've got twenty-thousand dollars at stake. Hmm... interesting philosophical question about how my mind works. I'll have to revisit that thought later. Personally, I just love the "rush" of knowing I landed a new client, a new contract, or a new sale. I still get happy every time I see an eBay sale go through my account. (lol... maybe I'm just too easy to please) Well, I'm gonna hop in the shower and get ready for this appointment. Wish us luck. I'll see you all soon. PS: Bannag, Here is a perfect forum for your Vitamin O research.... (just a thought) PSS: You all read this just to see where the refried beans came into the picture didn't you? Ah ha. Till next time... *vanishing into the ether* *poof*

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  1. I wish I could have been here before you left. I have faith in that it will all work out for the best, hopefully I'll have the time between jobs to tell you that in person! You know I'm behind you all the way!
    Luv ya!


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