Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday.....

Greetings all, Wow.. what a night. It's noon and I've just fully recovered from an evening out with the Scoobs (and the not-quite-scoobs). Natalie, I hope you and Thiago are having a good weekend together on the beach. Bannag, as always you're spending time with Peanut and the family and I hope your weekend is wonderful too. Mine's been pretty good thus far, sans the V-day stress every male feels the day before V-Day. Anyone ever notice that V-Day and D-Day sound a lot alike??? I guess it depends on the Well, we began the night with our weekly venture to On Cue. Reel Time (Adrian's other other other band,) was playing last night. They have an ok sound, but I like his main band better. As usual, drama ensued at the OC early on. I, however, was oblivious. I was playing pool most of the time we were there. (Bannag, you would be proud! I kicked some serious ass on the felt last night.) Not much of mention happened at the Cue last night. Natalie's gang met us out there for awhile and then we left for Emerald City. (Oh yeah, that's why I didn't answer your phone call Scythe... I couldn't hear the phone) I think, drama aside, that everyone had a good time. (if you completely remove the relationship issues) The new folks merged pretty well with the old folks and as usual we capped the night with a breakfast get-together at 2:30 in the morning. However let me state as a matter of warning; IHOP is nowhere near ready for us... lol We decided to skip on the trip to murder central (Denny's) and try IHOP instead (yeah, I take the blame for that... my bad). Needless to say, the 4 out of 5 Scoobies prefer Denny's in a recent taste test. There was one particularly funny episode at IHOP last night. Todd, in his usual candor, asked the waitress for a Glass of water, a Lemon wedge, and a Krouton. 10 sinutes later, I'll be damned if the goober waitress didn't show up with exactly that. Everything else we ordered, however, was either late, cold, or just plain not good. I'm sitting here now with Marcus and April. She's finally decided to unpack her stuff from moving in; OH JOY! MORE GLASSES! We have sooo much stuff now that I've got to figure a way to re-contemporarize my condo... lol. Ok... I've wandered you aimlessly through my mind for quite long enough today I think. My first idea was to come on here and rebutt the Anti-V-Day sentiment, but I'll leave that to persons better than myself. I'm a man... I won't win that one anyway, so what's the point. Ok... till next time, or until I decide to have some more worth talking about. Talk to you soon. *poof*


  1. Gandalf...Congrats on your superb pool playing...wish I could have been there. Next time dedicate an ass whooping to me. Lord knows it's been ages since you kicked my ass in pool.

    If it makes you feel better I agree with you on the Valentine's Day issue...even from a girls angle it sucks...

    Sometimes the Jehovah's Witness thing isn't so bad after all...LOL.

    At any rate...may you all have a relaxing and pleasant holiday!

  2. i do have to agree, it was a good night. newsies and oldies mixed very well. this is good for the scoobies, since some of us (myself included) are sketch on newsies. i cant believe ya'll did IHOP over dennys. we all know dennys sucks ass, but its still dennys. the atmosphere at dennys last night wasnt the same without you. as for the so called relationship drama you mentioned...i didnt think there was any drama last night even at OnCue. I think i did really good last night on not being the drama queen. i was proud of myself. maybe i was just too wrapped up in other things, but i thought last night went smoothly. it also goes to show...a girls night can start off as a girls night, but in the end a night out isnt the same without all the scoobies.

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to go to the club for weeks now and the one weekend we go away you all get together and go!!! You are lucky we had a great weekend, b/c I would so be mad right now...hehe just playing...but for real, we are going out dancing sometime soon!


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