Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bells, Whistles, Batteries not included.

Now What? Now that I've added a few bells and whistles, I want some opinions on what else to add to the site, without making it cheesy. I was thinking of maybe the following:
  1. pictures of the members on the right hand side. Since the page is always going to be fairly long anyway, I have the free space to put a picture about the size of mine on the sidebar for each of the members. Anyone think it's a good idea/bad idea, etc? ( I can already see Bannag's objections a mile away)
  2. links to other web sites: I added all the web pages of all the members that I could think of, except Todd's new page. (He just made that so I haven't had time to update it again yet.) Are there any other home pages for the members that you would like to see? As far as I know, none of the other members have one yet.
  3. Other stuff: There's all kinds of stuff we can add. If you see something on another bLog that you like, let me know and I'll add it. Most of it only takes a few minutes to re-code. I'm tweaking the code manually so I can get the best out of the effect....
Any and all ideas are certainly welcome. Good Idea: This is a perfect place to put all the email jokes we all send back and forth. Feel free to post WHATEVER you want on here.. I want to see where this goes. *disappearing into the ether in a poof*


  1. I think members pictures would be a good idea.

  2. I think the pics are great, as long as you use discretion! ;) I found a cute test to post, see if you can add it for me!


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