Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Initial Greetings

Greetings all, With the vast amount of time I spend on the Internet, you would think that I'd have time to update my domain more. Seeing as I can't find that kind of time, I thought I would at least create a blog site to enhance the warm cozy feeling you all have at my web portal. This is actually the first blog I've ever written... wow.. Gandalf learns a new trick! I'm only making this particular post to say Hi, make sure this works, and get everything rolling. I'll definitely add more later and update the site often. Please feel free to reply to anything you see that interests you. The one thing I've always loved about my web site is the user-interactivity. I'll write you all again soon. Regards, Mithrandir


  1. Wow, that was quick...I think you should rename your Blog isn't technically "up to the minute", now is it? LOL


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