Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monday, Bloody Monday

Ugh.. Ack.. ewww...yuck! It's Monday... again. I swear the older I get, the more quickly the weeks seems to pass by. What's on everyone's agenda for today? Here's my day: I'm getting into the habit of posting my day here because it's my homepage, so I see that long endless list every time I open my browser... and it also serves to help me get things done faster so I can play on here. (Isn't that a sick twisted reason to work hard? Just so you can play on your blog?) Just as a matter of note: How many of us have this set to their homepage? I know I do on 2 of the computers. Zeus still goes to my main site for its homepage. I've been seeing that same site on my homepage for about 7 years so it seems sacreligious to change it now. lol.. I feel like my web site is being replaced by a new one.... *pout*... Ok.. anyway, my day: What is Gandalf doing today?
  • Ironwood Country Club:
    • (DONE) Call Iron Wood Golf and check-in with Kaitlyn on the status of her laptop.
    • Call Scott and see if the new hard drive has gotten here yet.
    • Have Scythe go by the shop and get her laptop.
  • Baldwin & Associates:
    • Have Scott contact Aimee and check on the status of the proposal.
  • Insurers Group:
    • Have Dan call Waighty and see about revising the proposal that scared the hell out of them. ( I like that I can be candid here. It's much more efficient that writing short-hand notes on paper.)
  • IHOP
    • (DONE) Get the wireless hardware proposal information from Scythe.
    • (DONE) Get the wired hardware equipment list from Dan.
    • (DONE) Put lists together with labor estimate and design a quote for IHOP.
    • Call the General Manager and set a time for a meeting tomorrow.
  • (DONE) Call Dan and wake him up... (lol... for the third time today... hehehe)
  • (DONE) Meet with Dan about the future of Computer Techs.
  • Get notes back from my attorney about the contract for Dell.
  • Meet with Scott about the Dell Contract and prepare for tomorrow's conference call at 1:oo PM
  • Drop check off to Furniture Fair for the new furniture.
  • Email the landlord to make sure he got the check for the rent.
  • (DONE)Process all eBay accounting for the weekend.
  • (DONE)Ship out all outstanding orders from Ohio warehouse.
  • (DONE)Prepare a month-to-date invoice list for the accountant, package it with a summary report of all accounts receivable, and PDF that to the Accountant and CC my CEO.
  • (DONE) Let Megan's dogs out before 2:00.
  • (in progress) Be sweet to my girlfriend who isn't feeling all that good this morning.
  • Meet with Tim about the Dr. Klein wireless hardware project.
  • Check with Tim on the progress of the Macros for Klein.
  • Return Klein's busted-ass laptop to him and let him fix it himself.
  • Get the office equipment out of my home-office and have it delivered to the shop.
Holy friggin post-it-note Batman! That's a lot of stuff to do in one day. The good news is, I guess, that April works tonight so I can work on through most of the night to get this mess done. I'll be in and out of here all day, like usual, mainly looking to see what new posts there are. I hope you're all having a good day... it seems like I've got a long one ahead. I didn't think I had that much to do until I started writing it down... crap. *poofing into the ether* (Updated at 1:15) (Updated at again 5:05)


  1. You certainly do have a busy day! My day at least is rather dull in comparison. I had a meeting this morning, now I'm doing a little work before I take Natalie to get her wedding dress this afternoon, then head off to my night class. Hope everyone had a decent Valentines Day.

  2. actually tommy, it's tuesday, but who's checking? ME...God knows my weeks are long enough, dont puch me back a day...love ya

  3. I can't believe I had that up there all day and no one caught that before now... lol

    Just goes to show that SOMEONE reads my posts *gives Agent M a big fat hug... then some tongue... oops*


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