Friday, February 25, 2005

Update on Job Search.....

Ok, so I finally found out that I didn't get the job...... :( I called today to to the Op. Manager (since he was the one who interviewed me), and he didn't call me back. But, one of the guys that I know called me and said that they hired someone else but that if she doesn't work out they would let me know....... right, like that will ever happen. Ok, so not to rain on anyone's parade, since it is FRIDAY and everyone wants to go out, but I really feel like throwing a pity party right now. I REALLY wanted that job, but, oh well, life goes on. On a happier note, for those of you that don't know yet, Lucky's is not opening til next week, the electrician couldn't get in to finish his work, so no inspection, so no liquor license, so no opening. I happen to know the owner (she's a partner with one of my bar owners at another place), so I'll check on more VIP memberships for those interested. So, I guess we'll all end up at Emerald City, dancing the night away like we had originally planned! :) Maybe next weekend we'll go to Lucky's.... If you're interested, I'm working at the OC tomorrow night, and there is supposed to be a band (supposed being the key word here) so come keep me company :) I need all the money I can make! Well, I guess that's all for now, TGIF everyone, and lets PARTY HARDY!!!!


  1. i'm sorry you didnt get the job babe...but, in about a week, i'll prolly feel the same way about this HR job. there's pleanty out there, just gotta look hard and keep your head up...have a good night

  2. Ah, april I am sorry to hear that...I am sure that you will find somewhere worthy of you :-)


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