Thursday, February 10, 2005

Reach for the skies...! (nah.. I'm just stretchin')

Well, we crossed over a hundred visitors today. That's not bad for one day! Damn... that was easy. Now I'm gonna have to wait till some more worthy marker, like 1,000 to be excited again. It seems wrong that the gaps in my excitement should grow exponentially with success. How defeating is that? That would never work in the marketing world. I think I really like this. I get to come on here, blast away some stress, mess with your minds, and notice April that I'm NOT playing Half Life 2. I wanna get a new movie tonight. I think I'll take Mourningstar and go to blockbuster... that is, if he doesn't scourge the intelligence from me while picking my rather stretched brain to help design his blog. Ok.. enough witless banter for now. Tiddles bitches!

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