About Me

I started this blog with a group of friends as a way to keep in touch when I went overseas, a place to share good ideas and jokes, and a place to just hang out online. Over the years, I've started writing how-to posts for people who have asked how to do things on their computer. Later, I started sharing my pictures and thoughts about my work in Libya. Before too long I had visitors from all over the world reading, linking, and visiting often.

In the last year my life has changed. One life-altering relationship has been ended; another has begun. Some people who shaped my life have left their mark and have for a variety of reasons to no longer be a part of it. Others have been able to step in and add their flavors to the soup that is my spirit in new and interesting ways that I never anticipated. It's a new recipe for my life right now and I'm still getting used to the taste, if you'll pardon me for carrying that metaphor further than intended...

I write because I crave to share my thoughts with you, the audience who reads these posts. I don't seek approval or anything of the sort. I simply write to express my own thoughts and seek the engagement of others. Some of your comments are in agreement and some are directly contrary to my own thoughts. I prefer the honesty of writing to the spoken word much of the time. People will write things they won't say. I am just as guilty of this from time to time. I find that written words allow me the chance to blurt out my thoughts, and then to go back and rethink them before publishing. In verbal language, bloggins is the same as saying something you regret, then going back and apologizing, all within the same smooth step and hopefully without the hurt feelings.

If you really want to know "about me" you can't possibly learn more on this page than you could within the annals of this blog. I have been, whether for better or worse, very candid with my life through this medium for the last five years. Some things never make it on here but if you are a diligent reader, you can sometimes read between the lines yourself and find the content. If you are one of those I truly look forward to getting to know you and hope you'll visit often!