Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why do I do this again?

Ok... not to moan and groan too much, but am I right in assuming that I'm a pretty easy guy to work for when it comes to my company policies? How many companies tell their staff to wait until 10:00 am to get to work in the morning, start every day off with a cup of coffee an a morning meeting, and then get started on their day? We usually have none of the horrible drudgery that comes with most companies. We are always doing something different. I adjust operating hours to accomodate the lazy lifestyle of most of the staff. What else can I do to make it easy for people to get to work on time? It is currently 12:38 in the afternoon. Would you friggin believe that NO ONE has showed up to work today except Hal? Hal was here 10 minutes early, not that I care about that, because early just means that I have to get up earlier. But the point it, everyone here is 2 and a half hours late at this point and so far I see no sign that they're going to show up at all. Pardon the phrase, but "What The Fuck!!!!!" Do I have to be the asshole who says, "Get to work on time or you're fired!" That's what most every other company in the world does, but I've always wanted to avoid that because I have a unique group of guys with a unique skill set that's hard to find elsewhere. Additionally, they're a great collective bunch of people away from work as well. But this shit has got to stop. I have now lost approximately 4 hours of MY workday, plus almost 3 of theirs each, meaning I've lost 10 man hours of labor at the time of this posting. Even at our cheapest rate, that means Computer Techs has lost $450.00 today so far. I think I'm going to go smoke before I kill someone, because you can guarantee that I'm going to get some lame bullshit excuse as to what everyone was doing when they were supposed to be here working. Sorry... I just needed to vent a little and see if maybe it's just me that's being an ass or if I'm really justified in being totally pissed off!


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  2. Not to mention that we have two projects to handle today and now I'm having to postpone a meeting for the second day in a row with a CLIENT because people aren't here.

    Ok.. NOW I'm finished venting.

    And in case someone poses the question: "Have you called them?".... NO I haven't called them. They are grown adults.. I shouldn't have to call them EVERY single day. If I can stay up until 4:45 this morning and still have my ass out of bed at 8:30 then they can at least get up and get to work with a normal sleeping schedule. I'm just curious how long it's going to take for them to show up today. At this point it's just a test... I want to satisfy my idle curiousity. (And I stress the work "idle" because I'm sitting here slowing up MY damned day because of other people.

    NOW, I'm going to have to work later tonight to make up for the crap that didn't get done today when it was supposed to.

    So now, in addition to screwing up my day, they've screwed up my night too. Thanks team!

    God I'm pissed!

  3. Oops... look.. I stuttered a whole post!

  4. I'm telling should request to pass out payroll for Scott next week...and conveniently be away from work the whole day...turn your phone off...leave the house. Go M.I.A. They'll get the point.

    People don't pay attention until you start messing with their money.
    If worse comes to worse, tell them if they don't straighten up you will switch them to hourly positions...

  5. That's me most serious consideration at this point; going to hourly pay for work done. The problem with that is that do I pay them for when they're working with me here or do I pay them for billable time only? We all know that there is more work to be done than that which you can bill for. For example, someone has to actually DO all the billing, write the quotes, take the phone calls at night from customers, etc. How you diversify who gets paid for what when you don't "know" for a fact that they were working when they're out from under your direct supervision?

  6. it soundslike you are doing most of the admin anyway...I don't see where it's a problem

  7. Because as it is, I already have about 3 hours of work per more than they do. It's to the point that I had to hire my girlfriend JUST to handle the day-to-day stuff I don't have time to do.

    Even after hiring April to do the Accounts Receivable and Shipping part of the business, I still have to do quotes, research, bid comparisons, deal with customers, and run interference for the guys with my CEO. Now, add to that that I've got to handle payroll for 2 hourly employees, their tax information, and deal with the accountant on a daily basis, PLUS call all our major contract companies and try to hunt more work. But you can damn well bet that I'll have at least ONE phone call today asking if paychecks are going to be in tomorrow!

  8. So the LAST thing I have time to do is babysit the clock to make sure that people are working in what I consider to be a reasonable speed.

    And we know that's a skewed method for accounting for productivity anyway because I'm a workaholic and I'm extremely fast at what I'm working on usually, so if I start trying to make them keep pace with me, they're going to either just burn out and be useless to me, or they'll quit.

  9. Well I can't help you if you keep blowing all my ideas out of the water...

    My point being...stop coddling them...they are grown men they should know by now that life comes with responsibilities and that if you don't fulfill those responsibilities you have consequences, sometimes dire ones. I know you hate to play “the big, bad boss” for fear of losing or scaring off some very gifted guys, but look at it this way…if you set rules and don't enforce those rules, you can't expect anyone to follow them.

    It's like the parent that threatens to spank their child when they misbehave...if the kid misbehaves the first time and you don't spank them...they will never take you seriously...ever. (I learned this the hard way!) Discipline is every bit as hard on the disciplinarian as it is on those being disciplined. You might have to sacrifice some people to make your point.

  10. I am sooo glad someone else feels this way! I have said that time and time again, but I understand why he wouldn't listen to me. These guys have it made, and refuse to see it. I wish I could be half as lucky! Hopefully this situation will finally be straightened out, and we'll have some peace and quiet. Oh, update: One down, one to go! We finally got a call a little while ago and one showed up. He said he woke up this morning sick, and fell back asleep, then called us as soon as he woke up. So he's here now working, and Tommy's planning on working him most of the night. So, we'll see how things go. Now we're waiting to see where the other one is.....


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