Thursday, March 17, 2005

Party Time Is Here

Hey Ya'll whats up. Well just about everyone knows Mike Etheredge. He is leaving for boot camp on the 29th of this month. On Fri the 25th we are planning a cookout and a light hearted party at Mikes house on the corner of 12th and Charles BLVD. Sat night we are going to dinner and Long Horn Steakhouse for anyone interested in going. I hope that everyone enjoys it, he has been a really good friend to me personally and I knw a lot of you have gotten to knwo him and love him to. I am really going to miss him as I knwo ll of you are as well and I hope that we can give him the kind of celebration he deserves. So please anyone and everyone interested please contact via cell, yahoo or msn. Tyr to let me know if any of you have any ideas or whatever please keep me informed so I knwo how to plan thinsg ahead of time. Thanks a bunch folks. May The Winds Of Destiny Always Be At Your Backs To Carry You Aloft To Dance With The Stars

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