Saturday, March 05, 2005

Doc made a point when this picture was being taken: When you put women together in a picture, you notice how they all automatically know how to strike the same pose? Same smile, same stance, same grin, same drunk stare, same pushing forward of the boobs, etc.??? Personally I think they pull all the girls off to the side in about 4th grade when the boys are all playing on the playground and start secret women vogue training classes. (Note:This photo and the subsequent photos were taken on March 4th, 2005 at the Grand Opening of Lucky's in Downtown Greenville.)

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  1. For your information Gandalf, they DO in fact pull us aside and tell us how to pose for pictures...First you stand so your side is facing the camera, next you swivel your hips just enough to show the camera that you have hips. Suck in your pooch and turn your torso so that your chest is facing forward, tilt your head and say "Cheese" This way you look slender yet curvy in all the right you didn't know there was a science to it! LMAO!


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