Sunday, March 20, 2005


Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great week, I know thiago and I sure did. I would like to thank everyone who helped in the wedding one more time. You all really made it possible for everything to go well. If you weren’t in attendance Tommy has tons of pics and we have about 10x's that amount still waiting to come in (seriously, we brought 11 rolls to Eckerd today, and we still have the professional pictures that need to come in). So, by next weekend we will sure to have a link to many of the photo's if not all of them...and you can feel like you were there. But any who, for those who want to know our honeymoon events. We went to Miami and arrived Monday. We took a limo to a restaurant in south beach walked and walked around downtown. it was so nice and warm. Tuesday we walked around Miami Beach and Bayside then went on a dinner cruise that takes you down "Millionaire’s row" then to a private island for dinner and a show. Wednesday we drove down to Key Largo and Islamorada. We went kayaking in Key Largo and were doing fine until the last stretch of the trip when we capsized due to wind and were the unable to stay on the kayak b/c it took on too much water. So, they had to call us a rescue was funny, except the whole worrying about getting stung by jellyfish. We ate at two restaurants on the ocean while we were there for lunch and dinner. Each was so peaceful, the dinner restaurant sat right on top of the water so that you could feed the fish and birds. Thursday it actually rained, but it wasn’t a big deal b/c we were traveling from Miami to Orlando (a 3.5 hr drive). We then went to Ripley's believe or not museum in Orlando then to a Pirate Adventure dinner and show. It was great, since they gave unlimited wine and alcohol, and tons of food. Cheesy, yes, but who doesn't like a little cheese once in a while. Then, Friday we went to Epcot and drank about a gallons worth of margarita from "Mexico" at the world showcase. Epcot was great, we both had tons of fun, and the only thing was that it was surprisingly cold so we bought matching sweaters just to laugh at ourselves. Everyone knew we were on our honeymoon then. Saturday we went to some of the shops near the hotel and picked up a few things and then went to Old Town (cute little park with rides and shops). We rode the Ferris wheel and visited all the shops. Thiago bought himself a sword set (yes, I know they have a real name)...and I went to one of those shops where they open up an oyster in front of you and make a necklace from the pearl inside. Come to find out the more color in the pearl the more its value...I ended up with a "gold" colored pearl, it is really gorgeous. Then we headed back home stayed in SC sat night then drove up today. So today we unpacked and now I am trying to get some work done. Holla

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