Friday, March 25, 2005

Bannag.. you're a goob.

Yeah yeah I know.. we're all busy. So, in the effort of talking to all of you throughout the day (when I'm behind the PC at least) I've set this as the homepage on ALL the computers now. The only reason I haven't updated as much lately as I should is just because there's SOOO much going on with my work life that I haven't had time to post it. It would take a 42 page post just to fill you in on my average day now.. god. I need to hire a walking tape recorder just so I can remember all the minutae of the average day... I finally broke down and bought a planner, just so I can keep on top of my days. In new news, I finally got a home phone again. It has a work message on the answering machine, but it's me and April nonetheless. I think I'll change that to a regular personal message though.. I have enough work related shit in my life at this point without adding one single detail more to it. For those of you who don't get an email from me, the new number, if you care to have it, is 252-558-4285. I think we're all going to go out and try to have a good time at Lucky's tonight... I'm personally so damned tired, that I could happily stay right here at this point, but it's my only night to get out so I'm gonna give it a shot. I just can't be happy at a country bar right SMACK in the middle of college central. I REALLY like the bar... but I hate the location so bad that I'd prefer NOT to go, just to avoid the downtown scene. (Man, I sound like my older friends from 5 years ago... lol) If y'all want to come, bring yourselves on down. Love you all. (You too Agent M.... lol.. even though I know you well enough to know that you're STILL mad at this point.)

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  1. Lucky's Sucked. I love the "place"... the design is great and all, but now they've added Televisions to the bar as well. The "country" bar just became a sports-bar.

    I'm a die hard carolina basketball fan, but I didn't go the country bar to watch a basketball game... I went to have the atmosphere of a country bar. It's turning out to be another Player's Choice without all the pool tables.

    (Not to mention if you're gonna have a country bar atmosphere, teach the bartenders not to buy a damned Wal-Mart cowboy hat for $12.95... if you can't walk the walk just don't try.)

    I'm really disappointed in the turn of events that this place is taking. It's got more bouncers than Sports Pad... and ok.. I have to ask this: What is the fuck is a one armed bouncer gonna do? He can't even take my beer away and blow his little safety whistle at the same time... Is this an attempt at equal-opportunity ass kicking? (Lol) Can anyone tell I'm in one of those "Doc & Tommy" moods?

    This is about the point in my mood where Allison and Bannag and those that have known me longer used to throw up their hands and leave the room...... lol. April, bless her heart is just reading a book...

    OK.. I'm being summoned to find April another Patricia Cornwell book so this continual diatribe of my left-wing views on the socio-economic impact of semi-redneckism on the true southern genre of individuals will have to draw to a startling and abrupt end.

    So there... end.


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