Monday, March 28, 2005

Pizza Pizza Pizza

What makes a Super Dad? Pizza! I've goofed up a lot of stuff in life but Pizza I can do! We're having pizzas tonight. Help... what do you do when you work all day and you need to occupy your brilliant 8 year old daughter so you don't feel like a total slacker-dad? I'm stuck here most days while I work and I feel like a slacker if I just let her play on the computers all day. There's GOT to be something productive to do. Today, we watched the Incredibles and she played Yahoo games for most of the day.... that's all, except for some time with me just being Dad... April brought up the idea of going out to walk Megan's dog, Tanner, which we'll probably do tomorrow. I want to take her to Kid's Zone too...and plant shopping with me because I have to get some plants to plant this spring and get her a backpack while I'm at it. Hmmm... ugh.. so.... someone distract me from my feelings of ineptitude.

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