Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Know anyone who needs a summer nanny?

Ok, Little bit might be able to help me with this, but I need a job for the summer, and I prefer being a nanny. Does anyone know a family who needs a reliable nanny for the summer? I worked at a daycare for 3.5 years and worked for families as a babysitter/ nanny since I was 15. I can give references if they need it. I will have my license then too, so that wont be an issue....or if you know anyone who needs summer help at their company, I am a hard worker and pick things up easily, so let me know. I will be available full time March 23rd through August 23rd. Help guys!! :-)


  1. You can contact Nannies for Hire. The ladies name is Cyndi Curtis she should be able to tell you if she has had any families trying to find nannies. Some may be full time and others could be part time. If you call her she is pretty bad about returning calls so you may have to keep calling. Right off hand I dont know of any families needing nannies.

  2. thanks little bit, I did call her, but now I know I need to keep calling :-)


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