Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hey all

So Here I am. I just gotta say Hi KERI!! I adore you. ( I was gonna come up with a poem.. but it sucks) let me tell yall about COH and how I am such an expert on floors. You see, I, FlaminDingDing, ( Ding Dings are pig tails, you sillies) die. I die alot. It just sisnt a good mission unless I Die at least 3 times,. Keri though, you teleport me out of the way.. and bad guys from stepping on my hair, and you bring my fire back to life. Oh Keri, you who know just what to say as I describe the floor on which I lie. Oh Keri, you see way too much of me on the floor. Like the way the ***** match my skirt? lol. And the floors!! I know what kind of mission it will be by looking at the floors. Oh and Happy Easter y'all, How was that for an intro?? I know, no more bad poetry from me. Got it. evil laugh. Flamin'


  1. Hey? And Who am I Chopped Liver on a bana-bread crust?

    Viper Commander helps a little here and there too ya know. Who's usually flying across the room to agro all the baddies 3 levels over you that you decided to tank on your own?

    We'll see.. uh huh.. wait until you agro the next half a dozen purples and come flying past with your ding dings in a hizzy...

    But I have to admit... I get to look up your skirt more than any other I know... Wolf should be jealous. Maybe my new lvl 1 Blaster should be called Peeping Commander. Or Sergeant Yoohoo! (ooh.. I REALLY like that one actually!) I picture yellow tights with brown stripes!!!

    (You know that absolutely everyone on this board thinks we've completely lost our (bleep) minds.

    No love.. I see how it is...

  2. Hey Flamin! It's nice to see you've made it in one piece (no dying along the way, huh?)! :) Well, I guess you can see most of our gang here, there are a few stragglers who just want to peep in on us, but not participate. Yeah, most of them don't know much about what we're talking about, but that's ok, always have to keep them guessing! It's cool to be getting to know some people behind the teams we've been playing with, Viper and I have had a blast! Well, keep up the good work with the debt and all, although Viper is doing pretty well lately too! Hope to see ya again soon!

    Keri (April, for those non CoH people) :)

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