Thursday, March 31, 2005

Evening All

Well, it's 3 AM here in the wonderful world of my conscious mind. April and I just played some CoH before heading off to LaLa land... Tomorrow is my last morning with Hannah for her trip. She goes back to her Mom's tomorrow, hopefully none the worse for having been subjected to me and my associates for the last 4 days. I'll be on here early in the morning because I've got to get her up to get her packed in the morning. I'll post some actual content then... maybe... probably... Oooh ooh ooh. I planted my spring garden on the deck this afternoon. I can't wait for summer now. I've got roses, hyacinths, basil, wandering jews, spider plants, cucumbers, cacti, tulips, and more... it's going to be really cool this year. My fern/exotic/vegetable garden. Night all... sleep well... or don't... I don't really care which. hehehe

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