Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Greetings ethersphere...

Hi all. It's 8:30. I' m sitting on here talking to Bannag and making Spaghetti for Thiago and Natalie. It's been a good day for the company today, aside from getting a late start. I'm at my laptop, in my dining room, with the scent of tarragon and oregano strong in the air and the swelling crescendoes of classical music coming from the stereo... all in all I'd call that a peaceful environment... this feels nice. How's everyone else's day going? I'm glad to see some traffic on here.. it was getting stale.


  1. Yes Bannah.. Tarragon... unless you want to drive to the store and get me some brown sugar.. I'm out...

    And while you're there, pick up some garlic bread.. I'm not in the mood to make spaghetti from scratch AND make home-made garlic bread.

  2. Again...Basil tastes better and it adds sweetness and who the hell heard of putting brown sugar in spaghetti anyway?

    And why should I get up off of my ass to go get you garlic bread when I didn't even score an invite?



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