Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey Good Lookin! What Ya Got Cookin?

Well, pork-chop, apple, raisin casserole if ya must know. lol. I spent some quality time with my iPod tonight and hung out in the kitchen awhile to get away from this infernal computer!

I was jammin out to Montgomery Gentry, Randy Travis, ooooh.. I should have put Chris LeDoux on that playlist. (Making a mental note add that to my guitar practice list.)

Ok. I know you're asking "what the heck is that and how can it be good?" Well, it really is.. I promise. I've made it once before and I posted the recipe on here. Check it out if you feel like getting creative.




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  1. Yes, I was asking what the heck is that. LOL

  2. I was JUST reading your blog when you sent that message.. lol.

    You seem interesting. I've been following your posts on the blogger forums and on your site. If you ever feel chatty, send me your yahoo IM address. It's always a pleasure to meet new people and you seem to have a good knack for the IT side of life. Oh yeah.. my yahoo IM is "alornmage."


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