Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday again already?

Looks like it's been another week in the life and times of everyone, gone by again in a blink. As some of you can tell, I've not gone back to Africa yet. When my trip was being planned this week, I laid some ground rules for the client to prevent me having to waste a lot of time over there. Apparently, they aren't sure they can meet those requirements, so the trip is being postponed for a couple days or possibly until the beginning of the year. See, I've learned a few things about that culture as a whole that are really interesting when compared to American business practices. For example, I was supposed to be there for tasks A, B, and C, but the client got it in their head that I would also do D, E, F, G, and other tasks while I was there and this got back to me. So, I pretty much stated exactly what I was going for, what transportation assest I required to do that job, and what timeframe I expected them done in. Then, I got the call.. lol.. "umm, they're saying they're not sure they can do that."

So, it looks like I'm back on schedule to do some client work this week, which is good too. I've got a lot of local work around Greenville and some in Virginia and Tennessee to get finished before the year's done, so maybe I'll have time to knock all that out.

Today, however, I plan to spend getting in touch with my masculine side. (ha). I'm going to get Todd and maybe Wess and go down to the pond with the boys to take them shooting this afternoon. It'sa hobby that serves absolutely no purpose except to improve my accuracy and vent a little stress. There's nothing quite like emptying a magazine of 165 grain .45 hollow point shells to relieve you of any stress you've got pent up.

Later in the afternoon, it looks like I'm going over to Bill's house to help him install his new 42 inch plasma TV on the wall. He has this unnatural fear of snakes, so he won't dare crawl under his house if his life depended on it, so I'm gonna help him move the cable wiring in the living room so it'll run up over the mantle.

That's about it for me today. With the exception of those agenda items and some possible guitar practice, that's about all I'm doing today.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Hope to hear from you soon.

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