Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rare Scooby Spotted In The Wild

Late breaking report: Dependable sources spotted this Scooby in her natural habitat. Sources close to the scooby state that she put up a horrible fight and eventually escaped captivity, only to wander to this party and pose with this margarita in hand.  THIS is her mugshot.

Actually M, I just thought it was a really good shot and thought you'd like it. Bet ya wonder how I got it? I have eyes everywhere! Like Santa Claus, I'm watchin' you!



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  1. Marisa that is a really good picture of you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as a new wife and mother. Girl you know I love you. We need to hang out sometime just girls...Love ya lots

  2. I totally agree! ;) And sometime before the Nashville trip..... LOL

  3. Did Wes give you my "other" picture as well? he snapped one on me, a beer bottle, and a beer keg...let's just leave it at that!

  4. YEah.. I got got that one too, but I didn't that one was for public viewing


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