Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Easy Sunday: Shootin' Off Our Mouths.. (and pistols, and rifles, and shotguns...)

Well, today was another easy relaxin' day for me and some of the Scoobs. After this week I enjoyed some much needed R&R on what is starting to be referred to as our own little private pistol range. My brother came into town this weekend to meet Mike (our friend who's been over in Iraq) but Mike's plane got delayed in Alaska, so we decided to spend the day being worthless and contributing nothing to society as a whole.

The morning started with Bojangles and coffee, which is in my opinion how every morning of a good day should start. April went to see her parents for the day, but I had company to visit with so I stayed in town and spent some time with them. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKIE...

The Rest of the Day...

Rather than bore you to tears with long intricate details of the day's events, I'll give you a photo journey through our day. Let me start with the cast of characters. Unfortunately I know I missed at least 4 handguns, and 3 long guns in this photo, but you can see the arsenal of weaponry we broke out this afternoon. This should be a "you might be a redneck if" statement. "If you and your friends have enough munitions to storm the beaches of Normandy in your trucks at any given time during the day, you MIGHT be a redneck."

Present to day were two .12-guage pumpshot guns with two cases (not boxes) of game load, one .20-guage pump shotgun, two full cases of skeet, one semi-automatic .22 long gun, one .22 caliber single shot bolt-action rifle, at LEAST four .22 guage pistols of various make and model, one Ruger .45 double/single action pistol, one browning .9mm pistol, one Ruger .9mm semi, and some other weaponry that I can't even remember now. LOL.. we have everything out there today except the fully-automatic machine guns, but I can't promise that these guys can't turn up a few of these if given a few hours to prepare. This was all planned with what was already available to us.

Here's a few of the highlights. I'm keeping the pictures small, so they won't take TOO long to load in your browser. (If any of you guys who were there want the original large photos, leave me a comment and I'll email 'em to you.)


My Brother Raymond: Trying out the .22 pistol I bought last month.

Joe and Mark: Taking turns shooting the tops off .12-guage shells from 50 yards with iron sights. By the way, Joe's a deadly little bastard with a .22!

Joe: He's hitting targets the size of a dime from 50 yards without a scope on on the first gun his parent's ever gave him. And he's pretty danged accurate with that thing.

Scott and Raymond: Well, now it's time to switch to the big guns. Scott pulls for Ray while he gets used to his first real experience firing a shotgun. After about ten shots, he got it down pat. He was NAILING skeet 1 second out of the shoot 8 out of 10 times.

Group Skeet Shooting:  (Ray, Joe, and Me) I'm pretty sure this would never be allowed in competition shooting, but it was fun for us. Ray would fire first and if he missed, Joe got a shot off with the .22 long gun. If Joe missed, I got to take it out with the .20 guage. Needless to say, very few skeet actually hit the ground. Some were getting blown in half, then both halves would get blown apart before they ever hit the ground. All in all, it was some nice shootin' on everybody's part today.

I got to take that one out. I just like the photo because Marion caught the muzzle smoke with the camera.

This is what I call the Scooby Salute: (Me, Joe, Ray, and now Marcus had to join in the fun too.) We were jacking shells all over the place. Half the time one of us would miss only because the shell from the other's gun hit us inthe face. Absolutely NOTHING made it past this onslaught of firepower. Any random flock of ducks would have been in some serious trouble today.

Tired?: Now that's pure lazy. We were getting so good before the day was out, we were just sitting down almost on the ground to shoot.

Lit' Bit: She camped out on the back of the truck and kept a running dialogue of who hit what while we took our turns scaring birds off.


Sexy as hell!  There's something distinctly sexy about a cute woman with long hair and a pistol in her hands. She emptied that clip in about three seconds and was putting her fair share of holes in the targets all afternoon.

Switch: Ray put his .12 down for a few minutes so Marcue and I actually got to get a few rounds off at targets that were still whole. Marcus is on the .20 while Mark and I are on the .12's and Marion is pulling for us.

Rare Photo: You don't often see the Jordan boys out together. I thinik today was a great time though.

Ooooh: Only after I loaded the puller did Mark comment on where I was positioned in relation to that spring loaded steel swing arm. It makes my groin hurt just to think about it.


At the conclusion of the day's events, Ray, Scott, and I returned home to April who had started dinner for us. She was busy in the kitchen making home-made chicken and pastry while we sat at the kitchen table cleaning pistols.

All in all, a good day, good fun, good food, and good times. We should have more like this. I miss getting my Scoobs together for roughneck, redneck weekends.

Hope you all had a good weekend too. I'll see you soon!


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