Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years, 2007

The mental script I had in my mind this year for New Years Eve involved frigid winter breezes carrying the promise of a chilling January, salt air creating a crust of silt on the windows, and the possibility of snow blowing through the Carolina breezes, changing direction in mid flight and creating small momentary tornadoes as it swirled through the air. Reality, however, brought us warm oceanic breezes, bright sunshine, and the warm feelings delivered by good coffee and cheap vodka.

It's noon on New Years Eve and the view you see above is the view I have as I sit here in my tank-top, pajama pants and comfy slippers sitting here on the beach chair watching the dogs torment each other over the possession of a kitchen rag that will never again see it's way to the sink.

Above, you can see that Junah won the contest for the rag, at least momentarily. Her regal bearing in the sunlight is just another reminder that this New years Season is a little bit off from my mental imagery.  She seems poised for fun and frolic in the middle of a summer afternoon, anxiously awaiting the tossing of a tennis ball so she can enjoy a swim in the river, not at all like an animal in winter.

It should be noted that the absence of cold weather and snow are in no way an impingement on my enjoyment of the holiday season. I am at the beach house relaxing and actively doing as little as possible, which is exactly as I had intended to do. April is curled up with her feet under her in Tom's rocker recliner reading a novel. Claire is likewise collected in the corner of the couch with Tim's PDA playing a game to pass the time. Tom is in the shower and Tim is walking aimlessly around the house looking for something technological to do. in the midst of all the urbanism.

//---- Insert Break to Feed The Ducks ---- //

Tom returned from his shower and noticed the ducks were landing out at the dock, so I left for a moment to give them a new years meal. The mallards and seagulls dined today on white bread and for dessert were treated with toast with grape jelly. I guess they enjoyed it, however I'd hate to be a windshield near here anytime in the near future. I'm not sure what effect grape jelly and MSG have on seagulls, but I'm quite sure it can't be a positive experience.

As you can see, feeding the aviary visitors became a group new years event. I think April caught Junah drinking out of my coffee cup, which I have only now noticed and upon close inspection I find that it might explain the funny things floating in my cup.

I'd like to introduce you to Juan and Carlos. Carlos it the one on the right with the intimidating expression on his face..umm.. beak. These are two of the beautiful male mallards April caught on camera. Snow notwithstanding, nature and its companionship are quite perfect way to spend this vacation before heading back to Africa next week.

Not being ones to remain left out when there is food available, this "laughing gull" flew in as an advance scout to see what all the commotion was, upon which he promptly flew back to his gull squadron and returned with reinforcements, flying in coordinated attacks to try to steal the food from the flock of mallards. In the end, the mallards defended their turf admirably, eagerly gobbling most of the bread before the gulls could swoop down from above. If they would adopt the lazy mallard tactics and simply wait there while we tossed food at them the could have enjoyed the holiday dinner with much less effort, but then again Seagulls have never been the smartest of our local birds, although their accuracy when performing clam-shell bombing runs on the causeway is unrivaled in the aviary community. These guys can hit a windshield from 300 feet at 40 miles per hour all day long.

This is our family of mallards, who have made our beach house a stop on their daily routine. I'm quite sure they'll return later this afternoon or tomorrow to see if the offered banquet will be repeated for them.

As you can see, our little troupe of holiday weekenders have yet to migrate into actual clothes. With the exception of Tom, we are all still sitting around the house in our PJs, quietly performing mundane tasks to amuse ourselves. As usual, I spend that time here writing to all of you. This has become one of my favorite hobbies in recent months. The occasional viewer who comments provides all the gratification I need to continue in my posthumous writings.

It never ceases to amaze me that Tim's expression and habits are not environmentally reflective. He has the same expression in the morning, no matter what city, state, country, or continent we may be on at the time. It's a continual expression of "what? I'm not awake yet. What do you want from me? Do I have to hack something for you this morning already?"

This is about a perfect morning for me. My coffee, a labrador retriever, and the woman I love all bundled up together on the water downeast. This is where I'm at home. I haven't said this in while on here, but Thank You darling for being here with me, today at this place and everyday in my life. You're great and I love you.

This is a flashback moment to two years ago when Tom and I were at the Rascall Flatts concert, except at the time our roles were reversed and there wasn't a dog looking at my butt like he was hungry and in the mood for a flank steak. Come to think of it, I wonder if I can find that photo...

There it is!

And here is the cute married couple! If they were superheroes they would be called iPod boy and Palm girl. Together they would save humanity with digital technology, their light sabers would be styluses and their power would come from the planet of Duracell. If they were the wondertwins, they would combine to form the "Coppertop" super machine. lol.

Well, you now where our New Years has gone so far. If you're of a mind, share your experiences here with us. I'll update more as the day goes on. Happy New Years!


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  1. Space Ghost (AKA Hitman) here,

    Hey Martha (AKA Tommy Jordan)
    I've noticed you observe the strangest damn things, however I must concur that; Yes, Tim's expression is never changing and most likely never will, and will always be stuck in my mind exactly how you described it.

    Your obsession with the "Pickle Loaf" thing, is bothering. You analyzed way too hard and way too long over the pickle loaf. You should have just given the jar to Tim, and had him get back to you with his analysis.

    Hey it's probably a Canadien thing?
    Ask Chris, maybe he can enlighten you.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all.


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