Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ideas Welcome (please)

Ok. So, earlier this morning, the idea hit me for what to do for an "identity. Obviously, most of you know I've incorporated during the last few weeks and have been working on ideas for branding the name. First, I guess I need to share the name with the world at large, which I've been avoiding until I was sure all was successfully secured and none of those with ideas of infringement would be able to capitalize on their concepts. (Primarily, those with the childish, immature methods of incorporating my philosophies into their daily rant-routines to their staff in which they ceaselessly compare my business strategies to their own. Did I mention that mine worked tremendously well and theirs resulted in the complete abandonment of their staff in favor of working at food lion for better job security?)

Anyway, now that the domain names, trademarks, and copyrights are secured, I can talk a little more freely about the concept. The name of the business is "3rd & Wayne, Inc." Some of you will recognize the concept, and others won't. Both are ok. What I'm looking for here is feedback on development ideas. I want YOUR opinions on my ideas. If I'm gonna emblazon this on business cards, fiber optic cables, web sites, and client locations across the state and the US, I want to be sure it's been through its usual round of alpha testing, beta testing, and consumer response phases. Tim and I have been working on ideas for months now while we were setting things up and today I had a brain-fart which turned into a fairly decent idea (in my opinion) as the development progressed. What I would like here, is to hear your HONEST feedback on the logotype, design ideas, and anything else you think of when you look at the graphics below. I'm trying to see what kind of opinion gets formed about the company from what the customer will initialy see (either the business card or the web site). So, whether you know me or not, like me or not, etc, just take a moment to give me an honest review of the ideas you see below.

Idea 1: The Branding

This is the general idea for the logo, as it will appear on letterhead. I always start with a black and white version first to determine the "fee" for the logo. I couldn't come up with a clean way to implement the "3" in the name, so instead you'll see three slanted "I's" before the "W" in Wayne. This will be the primary brand. What do you think? Like? Dislike? What? I wanted something that was clean and would look good on print, web, and anywhere else I decided to place it during its lifetime.

Idea 2: Coloring

Again, I'm completely unsure what I want to use for coloring for the web and print media versions. Any ideas? The following are a few ideas and suggestions I have received thus far, but I want another opinion.

Red fading to orange with black text? Not sure. I like it, but Tim doesn't. I think the colors are less overdone on the web than others, but speaking from the designer standpoint, red is an "attention" color, but it's also an agression color, so may not be best suited for what I want to personify.

Here we have web colors that you see everywhere. I kept the theme from the prior image, blending slowly from the gree to blue in phases through out the slanted bars. I'm just not sure I want to see that much blue... or that much green for that matter. Any ideas? (And yeah, that's just a tartet blue color. The final would be slightly more brilliant, and less washed-out looking.

Idea 3: Iconization

This was one that just came to me earlier today, while playing with ideas using my last name. Since I'm the third of my name, you will most often see it written as "III" or "iii." So, I took that into consideration and came up with this:

Out of Ideas:

Ok. Now you've seen what I've got... so please post any opinions you may have on the subject material. No matter if you like it, hate it, or just kinda don't care, I'm just looking for whatever feedback I can get. Thanks!

I have to say this part to protect myself (and to be able to sue anyone who thinks they're smarter than me.)

All works here referencing the company are protected.

© Copyright 3rd and Wayne, 2006, except where indicated under Acknowledgements. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, branding, and industry phrases are reserved for commerical use by applicable parties only and are subject to the DMCA. Use of this material in any form is expressly forbidden without written permission from 3rd and Wayne. Violators will be prosecuted under the United States Copyright Protection Act.


  1. Interesting concept. I have absolutely no idea about the meaning of "3rd & Wayne", but echoes of Wayne Industries ring in my head. Tommy, I will email you some comments regrading the concept and logo style. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like the design of the logo, I like the red and orange but to your point red is an aggressive color BUT I think it works. I don’t like the design of the 3 III, I like what it says and stands for, but not the design. Well that is my opinion hope it helps.


  3. Thanks, both of you. I appreciate the input.
    Answer to comment 1: I am Thomas S Jordan, III (3rd) and Tim is Timothy Wayne Pendergrass. After TONS of deliberation, Tim just spouted that one out of his mouth while riding in the truck one day. The more we thought about it, the more we liked it. So, that's where it came from.

    Crud.. I really like the iii thingy... lol. Any other opinions on this one anyone?
    I agree with you on the red thing... it's an agressive color but it DOES seem to fit well with the orange. Any ideas for completely different colors that will look good in print as well as on the web? Or maybe a third color to contrast those two? (Can't use yellow. Too hard to see online unless I outline it in black everytime, which causes dithering issues unless I'm staying with a vector based design platform, and that's not always possible.)

    Please keep sending input.

  4. In all honesty I like the blue, green logo better than the orange. Its easier to look at and more pleasing o the eye. Don't get me wrong orange is nice but on the computer I have to squint so it doesn't hurt my eyes.
    The third logo I like I think its creative but what would you use it for? It's coloring is perfect.


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