Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Photos (and a note for Doc)

No, I'm not going to slow down the blog by posting them all on here. That would take forever to load and would bore some of you to death. I DID however, put them in the Christmas 2006 album on the photo site. Click here to see the photos.

Also, if you have any of your own that I missed (Ray, Miss Cathy, etc) email them to me and I'll post them up there with ours.


One picture of note that I DO want to share...

I went to Mom's house on Christmas Eve and I almost cried when I saw this. This is the picture we put up the last time Doc was gone for Christmas. We took his picture with us so he would know he was remembered. This year, mom had it prominently displayed in her tree so Doc would know she was thinking of him and so he could share our Christmas with us again this year.


Merry Christmas Brother. I love you and miss you, man. Come home soon. Everyone sends their love and they all miss you. I stopped by to see your folks tonight on the way home to wish them a Merry Christmas. Your Mom and Dad send their love. I didn't get to take a picture of them, but I got a friend of yours who I'd thought would want to say hi.


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