Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blog Members

Ok. Here's the full memberlist of this blog:

  1. April (Re-Added. Done.)
  2. Agent M (reinvited. Awaiting acceptance.)
  3. Bannag (don't know)
  4. Little Bit (don't know)
  5. Clay (don't know)
  6. My Mom (don't know)
  7. April's Mom (don't know)
  8. Todd (don't know)
  9. Shak (Upgraded. Done.)
  10. Rogue (don't know)
  11. Flamin (don't know)
  12. Tom (don't know)
  13. Rain Man (don't know)
  14. MacKenzie Steele (Upgraded. Done)
  15. TeaFeary( don't know)
  16. Claire (don't know)
  17. Me (Works. Done)
  18. Dez (pending)
  19. Bridget (Reinvited. Tested. Done.)

Update comments to this post if your account won't work.


  1. Ok, so I think I can make comments but I dont't think I can create posts...

  2. I'm sending you a new invite now.

  3. Ok. Sent the invite to your net0 account.


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