Thursday, December 07, 2006

Book Review: Cross (By James Patterson)

Cross. Copyright Amazon.comThis is another one I read recently, the twelfth in the Alex Cross series, and I got the feeling it was going to be the last. However, the last ten seconds changed that for me. As usual, James Patterson has another interesting one in store for us after this.

This is one of the harder ones to follow in the Alex Cross series. Alex has left the NYPD, and also left the FBI and started his own private practice again, following the promises he made to his family in Mary Mary, the prequel to this novel.

Somewhere in the beginning, and it's not too clear here, Patterson leaps back to the death of Maria, then comes back to the present and brings the "Butcher of Sligo" in as the bad guy. As usual, his partner John Sampson is around to help out with this one.

I won't say it's one of his greatest novels, because it seems to spend more time on Cross' internal struggle with issues in his life than with the murder mystery, but I think that's necessary in a series that has spanned twelve novels. At some point, the reader has to slow down and understand the hero a little better, and that part is done well in this novel.

Compared to some others, I'd give this a 8 out of 10 on my Alex Cross scale, but its definitely worth the read.

And to all you Scoobies who want it, I'll have it in hard copy next week, so you can borrow it if you want. 

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