Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Updates from the Lost...

I've had a few updates from people today, so I thought I'd take a moment to let you all know the "state of the scooby union" as best I have heard. I'll address them in the order I heard from them.


National Guard Insignia Desmond: (a.k.a: Dezwood, The King of Crass, The Crown Prince of Crude, Shakazulu.. ok I made that last one up.)


US Army Specialist InsigniaDesmond was having "family day" today,which is the last day in boot camp prior to graduation. He was allowed to use his cell phone today and call people, so I got to hear from him this morning finally, after wondering if he'd fallen off the face of the earth for two months.

After nine weeks, tomorrow will mark his first official day as United States Army Specialist  Desmond Marks. Additionally, he's also a pay-grade GS-7 federal employee now as well. He will be leaving immediately for 12 weeks in Maryland where he will go to the government's graphic design school before starting his job in Raleigh, NC.

Long story short, he's ok, and doing great. Boot camp was a cake walk (army.. figures), and he'll be able to email a little here and there during his 12 week school course, but he's not sure about the communications restrictions they'll place on him yet. He'll know more as time goes on, so I'll update you all as I hear back.

End of report...


US Army Insignia

Most of you have been getting pretty regular updates about Doc, but in case some of you haven't I'll tell you what I know. He's doing well. His internet connection seems to be back up pretty reliably now, so he can communicate through Yahoo pretty easily when he has time. For anyone who wants his yahoo username, email me and I'll send him YOUR username and tell him you want to chat, but I don't want to post his account information on here for obvious reasons.


Sergeant First Class Rank Insignia Most of you don't know, but his grandfather passed away recently. I've known for awhile about it but I felt it inappropriate to mention it here until I knew for certain that he had heard it from his family. He's doing ok about it, but he has always been really close to all his family so I'm sure its hit him hard at times.

I still don't know when he'll be home. At this point I think it will be at LEAST next summer, but I can't remember when his tour is up. I know he had a year tour when he left, but recent congressional pressure may change that, I don't know for sure, and no one really knows until he's actually ON the plane coming home. So, more info to come as I get more information. He has finally added himself as a blog member so he has the ability to post here if he gets the time to do so, but I know free time is limited to him and he doesn't have any offline composition programs so I'm sure he'd have to be online to do it.

End of report...

 Me: (Singin' that song by Toto again.... )


Map of LibyaIn case you don't get the 90's pop-culture reference, I'm going to Africa again. When? Well it looks like it will be this weekend. However, and lots have asked, I will NOT be gone for long. I've asked my CEO to set my return date on the 18th of December, so I'll be gone about 9 days. Most of you won't even miss me in that small amount of time, so it'll be life as usual around here. The cats will yell about it a little, but I feel certain they'll adjust.

Why? Well, there is a certain amount of documentation that needs to be delivered to the customer when you work on a project this size, sort of like the owners manual to your new network. When you pay tens of millions of dollars for something, you kind of want the manual to accompmany it.

Apparently, the locals there, and select others, can't tell their elbows from a hole in the ground when it comes to network topography so I have to return to Libya to create the final documentation two of the data centers we installed. Basically, I'll be flying into Tripoli to stay overnight the first day and then most likely spending two or three days in Sebha (Southern end of Libya), then flying to spend a few days in Khoms (near Tripoli in the north) then back to Tripoli for a few days while I complete the write-ups and diagrams. Then I'll be back home in time to pick up my daughter from school on her last day and have her for christmas vacation! (Thanks Michelle and Shawn.. I really appreciate that....!!! )

So, I'll get a brief respite away from the boredom I've been plagued with lately, then I'll be home in time to REALLY enjoy being in the US for the holidays. No worries. I'm not missing Christmas and New Years!

I'll update you more often as I know more about my departure, and about the others. I hope you are all well and that you have a good week.

Till next time...


  1. That's 80's pop culture...

    not 90's.

  2. Try Enya...Storms in Africa...that's 90's.

  3. well "Toto: Africa" was the one in my head...


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