Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rambling until the coffee kicks in... *yawn*

Good morning everyone. I hope this finds you well. It's 8 AM and I'm getting ready to get motivated to get a shower and get to work this morning.  The team and I have another camera installation to do today, so that'll take up most of the morning and early afternoon. Meanwhile, I have to actually get awake enough to start the day. Right now, I'm sitting here behind my keyboard in my new red and black pajama pants and memory foam slippers, smoking a cigarette, and polishing off my first cup of coffee for the day.

I got to spend a little time with Marisa last night, for those who are interested. It's been awhile since I got to hang out with Agent M, but it was cool. It's really funny if you know my friends... everyone got iPods for Christmas this year so sometime in the few days following Christmas they all call my house and say "Hey. Can you put some music on this thing for me? I don't know how to use it.

Topic #2: Writer's Block...

For lack of anything inspirational, I'm trying to think of things to write about but keep coming up dry, so I went to check out "It's Just The Coffee Talking," a blog by a lady that April turned me on to. Apparently it's not just me today. For those of you who like the voyeuristic approach to blogging, you should take a look at her's. It's a nice site. She's a lot like me from time to time. She wants to write, but doesn't have anything to write about so sometimes she'll just rant for three paragraphs about not having any subject material. She has some really cute stuff on her blog though. I've looked through it from time to time and I always laugh at least once while I'm there.

What else is new with me? Well, not too much. Santa was good to me this year, which always works out somehow... no matter how much I freak out pre-christmas it always works out ok. April and I got a lot of nice things, got a lot of time with friends and family, and got to spend time together, which is all I can ask for.

I'm stuck in this adult vs. adolecent issue right now that I'm trying to resolve. lol. My mother gave me money this year in addition to the other gifts she bestowed upon me. Well, it's enough money to buy myself some cool gifts that I've been wanting (like that .12 gauge Mossberg Pump Shotgun...) but it's also enough to pay a few bills with.  The adult in me wants to save the money and apply it towards the bills I have this month, because lord knows they've piled up. However, the adolescent in me sits there belligerently arguing with my adult-side that it's supposed to be use for "christmasy" stuff... not real life stuff! lol. So, I sit here back and forth trying to decide what to do with it. I suppose it could be in the bank earning interest while I make up my mind, but instead it just stares at me from the bar across the house, begging to be spent. It's actually watching me now.. it knows I'm talking about it. It wants to be spent on... on... on... ahhhh... I can't decide.

(Pouring cup #2)

Ok. I'm back. I think the Scooby site needs prizes for readers. LOL. I've been thinking of completely dumb goofy stuff I could do just for fun. Yes, I need more hobbies I know. Ohmygosh, I sat on the couch last night and watched about 10 episodes of Reba recorded off my DVR. I love that show! If you don't watch it, you should. It's great. And of course she's Reba... she has awesome hair.

Ok. I'm waking up now. I can feel the beginnings of the fuel hitting my system. Sparks are starting to fire off in my brain. The neurons are slowly waking and beginning their non-stop hum that keeps me going through the day. I'm starting to think what I have to do today, let me see:

  1. Go to warehouse and get tools for job for today.
  2. Get ladder for running ceiling cabling.
  3. Have Chris and Shane run coax cabling while I install cameras on the interior installation points.
  4. Have Tim install and configure the DVR.
  5. Mount the LCD wall bracket for the monitoring system.
  6. Invoice for the Rocky Mount job.
  7. Purchase the firewall/VPN's that I need.
  8. Notify clients that I'm leaving for Africa next week.
  9. Secure parts needed for Africa trip (batteries, etc.)
  10. Get Tim to format laptop for me tonight.
  11. Call the Tingen client and get ready for the smart-home job.
  12. Call Lisa and get ready for the wiring job.
  13. Make plans for working on the new church job when I get back from Africa.
  14. Program my new remote control I got for christmas (how did this task pop in my head?)
  15. Download more audiobooks for the flight to Africa.
  16. Put more music on my iPod.
  17. Finish putting the techno on Marisa's iPod.

Crap.. it's Thursday! I was thinking it was Wednesday. This whole Monday-Christmas thing has thrown my internal clock off by a day. I have to go to the beachtomorrow and get the beach house ready for everyone to come down tomorrow night.

Wow. It's gonna be a busy day today. Gee whiz. I'm gonna go jump in the shower and get ready for the guys. They should be here in a few minute and we're off to work for the day. See you all soon...

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