Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pics of Hannah! (YEAH)

Check these out! My little girl plays guitar... and probably better than I do. I'm gonna have to start taking lessons from my ten year old... how bad is that? Mom and Ray sent me these in my email today.

How cool!



Well, at least we'll have something to do if she comes up here for Christmas break. I'll have her teach me to read guitar tablature. lol. I play by ear and I can chord, but that's about all I can do and I can't even do that until I get my strings replaced. Three of my strings wore out while I was overseas.. so I'm without a guitar at the moment.

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  1. Hmm...I was there, but I didn't even see your mom or ray. There weren't THAT many people there, but I must have been busy gabbing with others. My camera was doing crazy blurry things that night, so I didn't have any good pics to share. I don't think I told them about it, but I'm pretty sure Hannah did. I'm bad for waiting until last minute, then calling. Sorry about that!

    Hannah played could really hear her from my seat. I couldn't hear the others as much. Of course, I've been hearing the same thing played over and over for several weeks now, so maybe I was hearing it from memory!

    She may actually have a touch of musical talent...who knows? I don't think it is in singing though. I cringe when it is her turn for Children's choir to sing. Don't tell her that though!(Although others have said she is going to sing the alto part...this from relatives who sing, you guessed it, alto).

    Anyway, glad you got to see her!


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